Friday’s Digest!

We’re saying goodbye to the week of July and going on vacation. Have a fun and delicious weekend, and we summarize the week – Friday Digest!

Successful projects
We held an AMA session with Konstantin Ponomorev and Konstantin Konstantinov, in which the founder of ITCoin spoke in detail about the project and further plans. The live broadcast can be viewed here (

And those who are ready to talk about their successful project built on the Decimal blockchain, write to @Niconorovna and she will tell you all about it.

Back in the TOP
In week, namely July 12, Decimal made it to #2 and then #1 in the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies in terms of growth per day among the “CMC Top 500”. Thanks to you and your support, we’re taking things to new heights, thank you!

Instructions for Galxe
We have prepared for you an instruction in text format to show you the process of authorization and linking social networks clearly. Don’t forget that after doing everything according to the instructions – you will be enrolled in the list of winners, and after that you will receive 100 wrapped DDAO tokens.