Friday’s Digest!

Here we are, another week has flown by, let’s spend it and summarize the week. More sunshine for you, and we’ve got Friday Digest!

Twitter on ON
CoinMarketCap, whose Twitter feed has more than 5.9 million readers, published its Weekly Market Outlook. In one of the TOPs, namely “TOP Gainers”, Decimal was ranked #3. Importantly, this report tweeted Decimal, after which a number of cryptocurrency review channels picked up the news, tagging #DEL.

AMA session “Successful Projects: ByAcademy”
The 3rd edition of “Successful Projects” live broadcast has already taken place. This time the guests of AMA session were the creators of ByAcademy project – Boris Yurin and Marsel Kazakulov. If you missed it, you can watch the broadcast here.

The other day @midjourneyfreebot received an important update and now all bot users have access to Decimal functionality in Telegram. In honor of the launch of this feature, a campaign was created on the already known to you marketing service Galxe, by which each participant can get 10 DEL on the balance of @midjourneyfreebot. To do so, all you have to do is follow a series of simple steps on Decimal’s social networks.

There is a new validator: BAZER NODE. Also, a new token has been registered online: KPKGAME.

That’s all for now, there’s a new week and new heights ahead. Have a great weekend and recharge!