Friday’s Digest!


By now, you must be unspeakably happy that the week is over and the coveted weekend is coming? We are too! But let’s summarize the week’s results first – Friday Digest!

DUSD Launch
There was a successful launch of DUSD. Thanks to the launch of DEX, specifically AmpleSwap and the verification of its contract with Mainnet Decimal Smart Chain, DUSD now has functionality. Which means there will be more trading pairs, additional liquidity in the market, conversion to DUSD/BUSD/USDT and additional liquidity pools.

Quest Time
The other day Decimal became available on Zealy. Zealy is an interactive quest space for web3 communities where users can interact with their favorite projects and earn points. Top the player chart and become Decimal’s most visible user!

DEL on TapBit
We have resumed the integration process and ahead of everyone is the listing of Decimal on the TapBit exchange. This is a process of actively working to build market liquidity and we are also making DEL more attractive for trading.

AmpleSwap x Decimal
A full-fledged DEX is launching on the Decimal Smart Chain blockchain! Earlier we announced this event and while our colleagues from are working on the development, AmpleSwap project, with already ready DEX, which is listed on CMC – beat them and became the first DEX launched on Decimal.

Decimal DAPPS results
The Decimal DAPPS team rolled out a big half year report on their products the other day. They compared the data with statistics from March 28, 2023. You can read the results and rejoice with the guys here.

☀️ We have shared all the news so far, but if something appears, you will be the first to know about it. We wish you a pleasant vacation!