Friday’s Digest

Hello, community!

It’s Friday, already the third work week of November has come to an end. It’s a good time to wrap up in your favorite plaid and spend a cozy evening at home, since the weather is so-so. Let’s take a look at the week’s results – Friday Digest!

AMA Session: Lakshmi
Yesterday, November 16, AMA Session with the co-founders of the “Lakshmi” project Walter Willi and Anton Kondratyev took place. They answered the questions of the audience and raffled off 100$. You can watch the broadcast here (

Drawing of Telegram Premium subscriptions
We took advantage of the new Telegram feature and raffled off 3 Telegram Premium subscriptions, congratulations to the winners! The subscriptions have already been sent to their owners. By activating the raffled subscriptions – you will be able to share more stories.

Decimal x Zealy
Don’t forget that you can do fun quests and collect XP on Zealy. You will get rewards for completing quests such as: roles in Discord, getting whitelisted, levels in Zealy. Level up and top the leaderboards to win big.

Immerse yourself in the world of Decimal
Decimal’s audience is expanding daily and new subscribers will be helped to immerse themselves in the world of blockchain by the Decimal Litebook and the Decimal Wiki, which is regularly updated with new articles such as Steaking Decimal or Blockchain bridge. They will help newcomers to comfortably immerse themselves in the world of Decimal, while experienced users can simply consolidate their blockchain knowledge.

📊 Analytics
1 new coin was created in the network: MYSTERY (CRR 77%), total tokens 308. And the number of delegated coins increased by 83%.