Friday’s Digest!

Hello, community!

Friday night, planning and getting ready for the long awaited weekend, but first, the Friday Digest!

  • Decimal x Dappbay
    Sharing a report for the 2021 – 2023 period as part of ColLabs. This is a new initiative from MVB Binance, BNBchain, Binance Labs and contains the results of Decimal and BNB network development. Multiple growth in the number of active addresses in the core network thanks to the Decimal and BNBchain integration module using CrossChain bridge.
  • Decimal x Gempad
    Announced the future Decimal x Gempad integration following in the footsteps of the Decimal roadmap. With this integration, Decimal projects will be able to attract users and funding and other resources for a successful launch with just an idea.
  • The server is getting wider and wider
    Decimal Discord server already has more than 4.000 members. Moderators are improving the server every day, working on a comfortable and fun atmosphere for communication among the audience. You can also ask questions there, as there is a separate channel for each topic. Check out Decimal Discord server, we will be waiting for you!
  • New instruction
    We have prepared a new video tutorial on “Decimal blockchain explorer. Overview of”. The tutorial covers the most important issues when interacting with blockchain. For convenience, there are 2 more variants of tutorials: text instruction and knowledge base on DecimalWiki.
  • Analytics
    There is a new validator: K.Consalting with a commission of 3%, total validators – 80. And a new coin was created on the network: CASHBACK (CRR 67%), total tokens 309.