Happy Birthday, Anatoly Berdnikov!

Did you know that today is UN (United Nations) Day? Well, neither did we, but we know another reason why this day is significant for us.

Today, 24.10, Decimal CEO Anatoly Berdnikov celebrates his birthday. He is a man who united people with diverse interests all over the world with his ideas. His ideas, his strategic vision, his ability to manage and solve complex technical problems – this is what inspires the Decimal team and community!

We wish you bogatyr health, happiness and success in all endeavors!
That all ideas become a roadmap, and sprints are completed just in time. Happy Birthday!

🎁 What’s a holiday without presents?
In honor of Anatoly’s birthday a collection of rare and unique Decimal merch will be released, a certificate of each item will be sent to the winner’s address in the form of NFT, and the item itself will be delivered by a shipping company.

In order to participate in the drawing, write a congratulation or a wish to Anatoly, in the comments under this post in any of the social networks and specify your wallet address, after we collect all the addresses, there will be a live broadcast with the presentation of the collection and the announcement of the winners.