How to link your account and add data about your coin to the Browser?

1. Press on the custom coin smart contract link inthe

2. On BscScan smart contract page, press Update:

3. Log in or sign up, pressing on the Click to sign up link:

4. Fill out Username, Email Address, Password and Confirm Password. Check the boxes to confirm your compliance with the terms and press  Create an Account:

5. Upon the successful sign-up, you get an e-mail with Confirmation Link, press it:

6. Now your account is confirmed via email. Press Click to Login:

7. Enter Username and Password. Press Login:

8. After logging, go back to your token smart contract page and press Update once again:

9. Check out the notification and press OK:

10. On this page, you fill in application for initial token update, click New/First Update:

11. Copy the message:

12. Pass to the page, log in with Metamask:

13. In the Sign Message field, insert the message copied on step 11, and press Sign Message:

14. Sign the “Sign message”:

15. Copy the information from the Signature field:

16. Pass to the Verify Message tab and insert the copied Signature in the corresponding field, press Verify Message:

17. Upon the successful signature, you will see the message:

18. Get back to the Token Update Application Form (step 11) and press the Signature form.

  • In the Address field insert your wallet address, launched in Binance Smart Chain via Metamask. Addresses can also be copied on in the Binance blockchain.
  • In the Message Signature Hash field, insert the data from the “sig” category, the data that were used for Verify Message in Step 17.
  • In the Original Sign Message field, insert your signature that were previously used in Steps 11 and 13.

19. In the Basic Information category, fill out the information about the token.

  • Token Contract Address: indicate the smart contract address (step №1)
  • Requester Name: Your name
  • Requester Email Address: Your e-mail (please note that the domain name should be of your official website. For example, if the website name is, this means that the e-mail should be of this website, e.g. [email protected])
  • Project Name: project name
  • Official Project Website: project website
  • Official Project Email Address: e-mail of your project
  • Link to download a 32×32 png icon logo: insert the link to the token logo, with the size of 32*32px and in .png form (note that the file should be placed on your website. Again, let’s take, the link address here should be
  • Project Sector: sector of your project
  • Project Description (Max 300 characters): Project description.

20. Fill out the social media form:

21. Price Data category is filled out if your ticker data are presented on the following platforms:

22. Others Category is filled out if you have the appropriate data:

23. Check the box and press Submit:

24. Your Application has been submitted. You will receive an e-mail from BscScan: