Join us in celebrating DECIMAL’S 3RD ANNIVERSARY

A celebratory digest of news on the Decimal blockchain’s three-year anniversary.

Hello community!

Today we would like to congratulate you on Decimal’s birthday. Traditionally, we will say a few nice words and note the achievements of our birthday boy this year, and then we will move on to the most pleasant thing – presents.


The year 2022-2023 can be called a period of maturity for the Decimal blockchain, when the young project found itself in the harsh “adult world”, where even well-known projects could not cope. In these conditions, the character of our birthday boy hardened, and only loyal friends remained in his environment, which allowed him not only to withstand difficulties, but also to confidently declare himself, showing the following achievements:


Decimal blockchain development

  • First of all, Decimal has moved up significantly in the rankings over the past year. This year CoinMarketCap checked the value of Circulating Supply, according to the results of which the coin DEL moved from 3400 to 1155 position, and then to the TOP 250 and at the peak ranked 205th among 22 thousand cryptocurrencies from all over the world. In addition, during the year Decimal was ten times fixed in the top of successful projects of CoinMarketCap and the rating agency added the project to the list of recommended accounts. 
  • The Decimal team has managed to establish itself on the Binance crypto platform. First, we got a mention of Decimal at the AMA-session about the DexCoyote project. And later, our team was interviewed by representatives of the exchange at the Binance Live AMA session. 
  • We got our own Binance Live channel where we actively present Decimal and our projects to the Binance audience
  • Qualified for Binance’s MVB program and received a number of important integrations, and began discussions with Binance Labs.
  • BSCscan has verified the metrics and the DEL contract now accounts for market value and capitalization, and the number of holders has increased from 356 addresses to 3,800, a 10-fold increase in one year.
  • CoinGecko has enabled automatic tracking of Circulating Supply value by verifying all data. Decimal (DEL) is now within the top 300 coins on the platform, having moved from 13,000 position.
  • This year we presented the DAO white paper. And according to this roadmap we launched closed DDAO rounds, where we gave all our users the opportunity to buy coins before they appear on the market. At the moment 300kk of DDAO have been bought out and 100kk are left till the end of the 2nd round. CEO Anatoly Berdnikov held two AMA-sessions for our community, where he answered questions live on DDAO. At the moment – these are the most popular live broadcasts with more than 10 thousand views. 
  • Released an updated version of White Paper 2.0
  • Certik has conducted a security audit of the Decimal blockchain. According to CertiK’s assessment, Decimal is among the top 10% of secure blockchains in the world. Based on the results of the audit, the blockchain was awarded an AA security certificate with 89.23 points, which, based on a combination of factors, allows Decimal to occupy the 88th position among all blockchains in the world and additionally received a corresponding badge on CoinMarketCap. 
  • An article about us was added to the Russian-language Wikipedia.
  • The number of active addresses grew from 89 thousand to 190 – that is 2 times in a year.
  • Translated the website, wikipedia and documents section into 7 languages, and set up SEO promotion, which raised traffic on the site 5-10 times, depending on the season from 10k at the beginning of the year, to 50-100k in 2023.
  • We’ve implemented surveys, a support bot, and collecting information from users, and we try to quickly solve problems and add features that make interaction even easier. 

Decimal integrations

  • Successful integration with the decentralized non-custodial wallet Keplr has taken place. This is the first step in integration with the Cosmos ecosystem’s IBC infrastructure. Stacking, sending and receiving tokens, direct communication between blockchains via IBC, and delegation to different blockchains and validators are available. 
  • Web 3.0. Integration with thirdweb. Through the thirdweb interface, you can create smart contracts in the Decimal Smart Chain network. The creators also provide SDKs for all platforms and a control panel for your applications and smart contracts. Users can use the ready-made smart contracts by category or create their own.
  • Decimal Smart Chain integration with MetaMask via EVM protocol. Blockchain made available on the platform with an automatic integration button.
  • Decimal integration with Earn network. DeFi solution to store, manage and mine PoS/DPoS coins based on BSC, ETH and now Decimal Smart Chain blockchains.
  • Conducted technical integration with Ledger and Trust Wallet.
  • Started listing on TapBit.
  • Started the first DEX on Decimal in mainnet
  • Запуск DUSD.
  • DUSD Launch.

Community development

  • We created and verified an account in Galxe, launching several campaigns, where for example – each user can get 100 DDAO tokens on their balance by fulfilling the conditions of the company. We have prepared text and video instructions in our official channels. 
  • Decimal has been given the opportunity to post job openings on BNB Chain portal to find the best employees worldwide. 
  • Increased the CMC community from 10k members to 110k, i.e. 11 times and regularly ranked in the recommended posts on the main page of CoinMarketCap for a year.
  • Passed all social media verifications, getting the official ones marked.
  • BSCDaily, a Twitter account with over 650 thousand followers from around the world, has released an ANNOUNCEMENT about the DAO Whitepaper and the upcoming launch of the first round of DDAO token sales!
  • CoinMarketCap, whose Twitter feed has more than 5.9 million readers, published its weekly market review on July 17, where it highlighted the DEL coin in the top “Gainers”. The post garnered more than 48,000 views. 
  • This year we started to actively organize AirDrop drawings and contests in our social networks. In Telegram – every new thousand subscribers get a corresponding number of DEL coins. In VKontakte – a quiz where the most knowledgeable about blockchain wins. In Discord – a contest to solve a seed phrase.
  • Created an account on Zealy, launching a quest that has already had over 1,500 users participate in it

All this allowed us to attract more than 105 thousand subscribers to our official social networks within a year of operation. 

Development of projects on the Decimal blockchain

Let’s start with the overall metrics, which show that Decimal is evolving as projects emerge and new teams are created that use blockchain as the foundation for their business processes.

  • In its third year on the blockchain, 189 new tokens have been created (3.5. times more than last year) and 28 validators have been launched, keeping the network up and running and making Decimal increasingly decentralized.
  • We have listed the first Decimal-based token on CoinMarketCap, and next year we plan to add 65 tokens to the listing, which will add Decimal to the ranks of giants like Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Cosmos.
  • A new format of broadcasts has been launched. On Binance live, we started holding AMA sessions on successful tokenized projects. We have already held three broadcasts with the founders of Candy, ITCoin, and ByAcademy, and we learned the details of the projects live.
  • This year the Decimal team launched the MidJourneyFreeBot project, which already has more than 26 thousand subscribers, and more than 300 thousand images generated with its help. Due to this Decimal already has 28 thousand participants in the international chat room, which is 10 times more than at the beginning of the year. In addition, now there is a function of quick generation for DEL coin and the ability to create a Decimal wallet right inside the Telegram bot. On Galxe marketing service you can also get 10 DEL on your balance by fulfilling the subscription conditions. 


These are just the most significant events of the past year, for the sake of interest compare the list of achievements with the previous year – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Now let’s move on to the gifts, and we have as many gifts as we have accomplishments:

  • 100,000 DDAOs will be distributed from the Decimal blockchain team
  • 1,000,000 BTT will be distributed from exchange, which you can use to pay commissions at a discount of up to 50%, as well as vote for listing your token on exchange and buy special statuses, more details
  • From Avatars project, who have already issued more than 40,000 NFTs on Decimal blockchain – 3000 AVTs will be distributed, you can learn more about the project at
  • Decimal DApps – monitoring projects on the Decimal blockchain will provide 10 NFTs with liquidity of 400 PRO, details about the project:
  • Candy project, providing a whole list of useful bots for the network – will distribute 500000000 MintCandy, monthly subscription for 10 VIP statuses in @CandyNotifyBot service and 5 VIP statuses in @tradedecimalbot service. You can learn more about the project at:
  • Messege project, which provides a unique opportunity to send advertising NFT to addresses in the network – will distribute 1,000,000 Messege, as well as provide a 10% discount on the first order of advertising. For more details about the service and to request a mailing test, please email 
  • @midjourneyfreebot – will distribute 1 DEL for Fast generation to each user, so hurry up to start a wallet in the bot

What do I need to do to get on the list for the giveaway?  It’s simple, subscribe to Decimal in the social network where you saw this post and leave a comment with the address of your d0 wallet, which you can get in Decimal Wallet or We will collect the list of addresses from 7 to 30 days, depending on the campaign activity, once the activity subsides – we will distribute all the prizes! 

Happy Birthday, Decimal and the whole community!