Launching Transaction Service

Hello, community!

We continue our journey along the Decimal blockchain Roadmap, and today we want to share important news about the launch of the Transaction Service.

⚙ In one of our recent updates, we talked about transitioning to a microservices architecture, which was a crucial step in enhancing the performance and reliability of the system.

🔗 Today’s update concerns the Transaction Service – the service responsible for collecting information about transactions in the EVM network and transmitting them to the Explorer. Significant changes have been made to the pages displaying EVM transactions, with additional information added about logs and internal transactions. Now, you can gain a more detailed understanding of each transaction and the operations associated with it in the smart contract.

📍 An important aspect of this update is that it not only expands the functionality of the Explorer but also demonstrates our commitment to integration and improvement. Our goal is to provide users with the most useful and informative experience when working with the Decimal blockchain.

What does this update give you?

● More detailed information about transactions, including logs and internal transactions;
● Improved performance and reliability thanks to the new architecture of the Transaction Service;
● The ability to scale the service to support the growth of Decimal blockchain functionality.

⭐️ This update will be another significant step in the development of our platform and providing you with the best experience when working with the Decimal blockchain. Stay tuned for more updates; there are many exciting changes and improvements ahead!

Thank you for being with us!