MidjourneyFreeBot is gaining popularity

A month ago, the Decimal team developed and launched @midjourneyfreebot, a free telegram bot that you can use to create your own digital artwork. The bot is based on the original artificial intelligence for generating unique Midjourney images. All you need to do to get started with the bot is to subscribe to our MidJourney Free Telegram channel. As of today, it has more than 14,000 subscribers and is gaining popularity with Telegram audience. The @midjourneyfreebot has already generated over 36,000 images, and that’s just the beginning.
Every day, 500-600 new users from around the world are added to the chat with the bot. These results were achieved without the use of active advertising, and it is a significant achievement for our team. The share of Russian-speaking audience is only 50%, which shows the growing demand on the international market and corresponds with Decimal’s interests. Our developers are constantly tweaking @midjourneyfreebot, increasing its capacity to handle large volumes of new requests and adding new functions.
The bot allows you to choose the language for text queries, upload and receive pictures in high resolution, create different variations of the same picture. With its help you can generate images not only for fun, but also to create your own NFT.
The official version of Midjourney neural network has become paid, so further growth of interest in the project is expected. We are constantly in touch with our audience. Thanks to your attentiveness and activity, all the shortcomings have been corrected and new solutions have been adopted, which will soon be implemented.