Opportunities for project development

As you already know, we are committed to providing ample opportunities for development and audience engagement for projects created on the Decimal blockchain.

All tokens created on the Decimal platform are automatically added to the international cryptocurrency aggregator coinmarketrate.com. Decimal not only provides a convenient tool for creating projects without the need to develop a smart contract, but is also an ideal tool for marketing without the need to invest. Here’s a list of Decimal’s advertising tools:

  1. Ranking in the coins section of the main website explorer.decimalchain.com/coins. This ranking will soon allow projects to verify and provide important information about themselves such as website, social media, etc. But already now you can focus on this ranking and strive to get there with your project.
  2. Decimal has its own wikipedia. Each project can create an account and offer to publish an article. After verification by moderators it will be placed in the projects section. In addition, we are currently working on updating and expanding the functionality of our wikipedia to make it more convenient for both article creators and users who are looking for answers to questions. To add an article about your token follow this link and complete a simple registration: https://decimalchain.com/wiki/ru/
  3. Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions on Binance Live.
    Periodically we hold meetings with project creators where they share information about the creation, successes and plans of their projects. At the moment Decimal channel has more than 40 thousand views, which means that not only your audience, but also Binance audience will know about your project. Fill out the questionnaire and we will contact you to clarify the information and coordinate the time of the broadcast: https://forms.gle/mjicDF3XL7NyW5tG6.
  4. Decimal has its own accounts in social networks.
    We will not stop repeating how important it is for projects to be active not on one or two platforms, but to develop all available social networks, such as Twitter, Discord and all where our blockchain is represented. A list of our current networks is always listed at the bottom of each post, and periodically we remind you separately https://t.me/decimal_ru/2286. Sign up where you are not already registered and grow your community.
  5. Decimal is also affiliated with the Binance Smart Chain and participates in Binance’s MVB program.
    For almost a year https://t.me/decimal_ru/1992 we have been part of the program, which allows us to enter our coins on CoinMarketCap. By following the instructions, the project gets even more publicity and attention from the crypto community. If you are still not a member of the program, follow the instructions https://decimalchain.com/blog/ru/perexod-v-bsc/.
  6. And, importantly, Decimal projects are automatically added to coinmarketrate.com, add the @coinmarketratebot to your community groups and users will always be able to call your token chart with the /p PRO command (example).

All of these marketing tools allow projects to quickly capitalize between $200,000 and $500,000, even without marketing costs.

Some notable examples of such projects include: MAKAROVSKY, KOLLABIUM, PRO and SBT.