Friday’s Digest!

Hello, community!

Here we are, another hot week is over. We recommend taking your bearings to the beach this weekend and bringing an umbrella, but in the meantime, let’s summarize the past week’s Friday Digest!

From MidJourney to Journey
The MidJourney Free team is already in the process of training their own model called “FreeJourney”. This decision was made since there were frequent blocking by Midjourney. GPU power has been purchased and training of the neural network model is in full swing, also the free GPT4 bot will soon be available in the main menu, it is in the final stages of development.

The giveaway is near!
The collection of addresses for the giveaway will end on Sunday, August 20, at 00:00 MSC (UTC +3), and the results will be summarized on August 21. So, if you haven’t participated in the giveaway yet – you should subscribe to Decimal in any social network where there is a mention of the giveaway and leave your d0 wallet address under it.

A new validator has been added to the network: KollabiuM. The total number of validators is 75. And the reward per block, at the moment, is 739 DEL.