Friday’s Digest!

Hello, community!

How was your work week? We hope you’re resting up by now and we’ve prepared a digest in the meantime, let’s summarize the week!

New site
Decimal got a unique and important opportunity, namely access to the Binance Feed social network, which is built into the Binance app and allows you to publish the company’s news to the largest crypto audience in the world. And it’s all thanks to your activity as well as Binance’s MVB!

Decimal is showing up here and there
The other day a major columnist of decentralized exchanges wrote about Decimal and mentioned on Twitter as well as in his telegram channel. We’re getting more visible with you, thank you!

The second round is over!
On August 8, the second of five rounds of the DDAO management token issue ended. The round lasted 45 days and during that time 360 million DDAOs were redeemed. As of now, the Current price of 1 DDAO = 1.4845 DEL. Round 3 date will be held according to the DAO roadmap.

The talent search continues
As Decimal and its community grow by leaps and bounds, and the demands for added tools and features continue to grow, the Decimal ecosystem is in need of talent capable of solving the most unusual problems. Check out all the current job openings here.

Preparing for the giveaway
It’s time to leave a comment if you haven’t already. You need to subscribe to Decimal in the social network where you saw this post and leave under it the address of your d0 wallet, which you can get in Decimal Wallet or The collection of addresses will last from 7 to 30 days, as soon as the activity subsides – we will distribute all the prizes!