Store DEL in Ledger hardware wallet!

Store DEL in Ledger hardware wallet!

Note: we have prepared a pleasant surprise for those who read this news till the end.

Imagine the situation when you have bought crypto at bargain price, and it has grown significantly after a while.

But sometimes this is not enough. It is important not only to earn money but to store your crypto in some secure place.

Hardware wallet is an easy-to-use but difficult-to-crack wallet for storing cryptocurrency.

It stores your private key (code consisting of digits). The one who has the private key is the king, and only he can perform the operation from the device itself in the form of a flash drive.

“Why do many people use Ledger?” you may ask. It`s simple. Reputation, small screen and now compatibility with DEL.

The Decimal developed a DApp for integrating DEL with Ledger. And now the developer version is being actively tested.

The promised bonus:

On Ledger, it will be possible not only to store DEL, but also to stake, thereby increasing the liquidity of the coin.