Tangem x Decimal

Decimal provides a wide range of decentralized wallets with high level of security, including “Decimal Wallet” (Web, iOS, Android) – a mobile wallet with authorization by seed phrase and the ability to set pin-code or biometric protection.

For those who need to store and manage multiple assets with Hardware wallet – we have prepared the following important news.

Decimal and Tangem have signed an agreement for core network integration! 

We have allocated a quota of 250 wallets for Decimal users, with an additional 5% discount via promo code DECIMAL.

To get the discount, just follow this link: https://tangem.com/pricing/?promocode=DECIMAL

Tangem is a cold wallet for storing thousands of coins and tokens, implemented as a set of special cards with a security chip (secure element). Seed phrase is generated by the chip and stored on it in encrypted form, and additional cards provide backup.

Decimal developers always focus on usability, and Tangem fully meets our standards. The wallet requires no battery charging or cable connection. All you need to manage your assets is an NFC-enabled smartphone and install the Tangem app on it.  Transactions are signed by holding the card to your phone.

But that’s not all the reasons why we chose Tangem. 

If your card fails within 25 years, Tangem will replace it under warranty. And you won’t lose access to your assets, thanks to the backup cards. Out of about one million cards sold worldwide, there have been no reported cases of malfunction.

As part of the integration, at least 250 wallets must be redeemed by the community under the terms of the contract. Therefore, we urge you not to ignore the opportunity to safely store DEL and other 286 Decimal-based tokens.