Text version of the June 11 AMA session with DECIMAL CEO

On June 11, an AMA session with Anatoly Berdnikov, CEO of Decimal, was held on the Binance live platform. We prepared the AMA-session in text format for those who did not have a chance to watch it or it is just more convenient.

Konstantin Ponomaryov and Anatoly Berdnikov were the anchors of the broadcast.

What follows is a detailed transcription of the ether.

Konstantin: Hello, dear viewers of BInance live. We are live on the air. With me on the air is Anatoly Berdnikov, CEO of Decimal blockchain.

Anatoly: Hello. Glad to welcome our viewers!

Konstantin: First of all, I want to ask you, Anatoly, about the DAO COD event. I’m subscribed to their channel in Telegram. I found out that you made a presentation of Decimal there, and also other projects based on Decimal. Can you tell me how they are connected with this event and why they performed there?

Anatoly: DAO COD actually works not only with our project, but works technically on our Blockchain and our smart contracts. This means that there will be a large number of transactions. This project will target not only DECIMAL, but many other projects whose representatives also spoke with me.

Konstantin: Thank you. Thank you. Then before you open up the presentation and share with the users your perspective, what’s going on now and the updates that you have. A quick question. It’s one of the ones that was asked on google form: what are your impressions of the Federal event, DAO COD?

Anatoly: Good impressions, actually. The event turned out to be large-scale. A lot of interesting people and projects. We will hear DAO COD again.

Konstantin: At this event, Anatoly showed the Decimal roadmap. And the blockchain updates that you and I are looking forward to. You, dear viewers, will also have this information available on our social networks. And those who are on the air right now, you, will be able to hear firsthand how it’s going on right now. Anatoly, I think it’s time to get to the presentation. Are you ready to share now or are there any questions you want to discuss?

Anatoly: Let’s get started. We already have less than an hour. I will try to tell you in 15-20 minutes what I have planned. For theprepared audience, there is no need to tell everything in detail, because everyone is already quite an expert, a specialist in cryptocurrencies. We will tell you about the plans, and then it will be clear from the questions. Maybe there will be more questions.
Okay, I am ready. Konstantin, turn on the demonstration.

Constantine: Done.

natoly: So, what DecimalChain is, first of all, a blockchain. This is our project, which we launched in 2020.  DecimalChain is about transparency and decentralization. That is, everything that is done in the blockchain, everything can be viewed, you can check who transferred coins to whom, NFTs, and so on.
And it is full decentralization in the form of a distributedledger. And first and foremost is security. Security is one of the priorities of our team. And there’s actually been no problems with security in the history of our blockchain…with what would be any recourse for security issues
Speed and scalability. Our blockchain is very fast and we’re aiming for there to be a mass adoption feature so that theblockchain scales very quickly. For this purpose, we are doing everything possible in the form of cross-chain bridges and similar projects.
Uniqueness and innovation. Of course, there is no need to tell here that the uniqueness of ourfunctionality has run away and innovation has also run away in contrast to the same custom products of other blockchains.
And the most important and most fundamental thing for us is an active community.active community, which even taking into accountthat in bad times for the project, when the value of DEL is falling, the community still shows dissatisfaction, but does not give up and uses our project. This shows that our project is not made for the sake of cost, but is made with real utilitarian experience and utilitarian application.
So, a little bit of history. In 2020, on August 1, we launched 4 validators and the blockchain launched. That evening at 6:00 pm, we launched to the world a console through which we could manage blockchain coins, an explorer, a blockchain overview through which we could validate all transactions, a mobile app, and naturally the validator nodes in the blockchain itself. The functionality back then was simple, we had multi-sig addresses, creation of custom coins with reserves and multi-sig transactions. In 2021, we had already made a full-fledged API SDK and it was possible to implement projects on our blockchain. We implemented crosschain bridge, we made checks, I think everybody used checks. Konstantin, you evendid different contests on checks, where you activated prizes on checks.
In 21 in August, we counted, we had 50 thousand active addresses, 4000 rating onCoinMarketCap, because we had a listing on CoinMarketCup and 50 custom coins, that is 50 people, random ones we don’t know, they created a coin. Well there were 12 validators, four belonged to the team and 8 validators belonged tothe rest.
In 22, we implemented voting of validators and suggesting an idea for validators. But, it was actually the first step towardscentralized management like DAO. And the idea itself didn’t work, or rather, it didn’t work the way we wanted it to, and by general consensus we closed this subproject and removed the vote.
realized in 2022 the creation of the NFT.
NFT was with a reserve, it could be sent to delegate and mine native DEL coin. And of course, we updated API SDK and it was possible to implement projects using our NFT. At that time we had 130 thousand active addresses – the SMS rating had already become 1000, i.e. we jumped from the four thousandth position to 1000. We already have 120 custom coins andis a good indicator, and we have grown by 27 out of 12 validators, almost 100%
In 2023, we finalized the functionality of custom coins in the form ofemission limitsand similar small things. We also implemented an EVM machine into our blockchain that allowed us to create DRC-20 collateral-free tokens and smart contracts. We added metamask, which means that in ’23 it was possible to manage coins, custom tokens, and collateral-free coins. DEL dobavil to the Tangem wallet. We had a separate ama-session with Konstantin on this direction and with representatives of this wallet.
In 2023, we had 180 thousand active addressesthe rating has already become 250 on CMC, and naturally custom coins became more, almost 2 times, 229 coins. This meant for us that our project was created to be used, to create coins, to make some projects and so on. So naturally, we started to have49 validators, 50% more.
In 2024 we have almost 205 thousand active addresses as of today.CMC ranking from 250moved to the 700th position, naturally because of the value of the DEL coin. To be honest, this has made me very upset. Our team and myself personally, as frontman, were catching a lot of heath. But we got 84 validators and this is a very good result. The number of custom coins increased to 368. Whathas given us: the understanding that our blockchain is being used, we have an active community that is growing. Even taking into account the fact that, let’s say, there is no investment component for the average user of Steak Holder, in direct proportion to the fact that the value is constantly falling. But at the same time coins are being created, validators are being deployed. That is, the low cost has become a good threshold of entry for a different audience of customers.
Weanalyzed why the price of DEL was falling and decided that we would build a strategy around making the value of the coin grow. So that ne just we did the project, but so that the value of the DEL coin would grow.
We planned to implement a new cross-chain bridge functionality this year.  We have implemented this functionality. A little later I will talk about it in more detail. We also planned to implement a decentralized exchange last year. It has also been realized and is ready to be published and implemented. But all this stops the finalization of functionality. We decided to move a lot of functionality from the cosmoc system to the EVM system. We called this operation “migration”. And at the moment we are implementing EVM. And the fact that the cost is falling, naturally, we thought about the fact that we need to change something. I proposed an initiative in which I proposed a change in tokenomics. We will talk about it a little later. We are already implementing it. But now we will tell you about it before we make changes to tokenomics. My team and I went through the analytics and looked at the ATOM coin. On the graph you can see: on the left graph by value, where at the beginning of the project the value was high, and further the value is falling, falling, falling, falling, falling. And on the green graph you can seeATOM has just APR yields from steaking in coins. But in fact, the yield of steaking in coins is not equal to the yield of steaking in money. Because breeding kittens doesn’t directly equal money. And you breed kittens or puppies. It’s the same here with coins. By creating new coins, those coins need to be sold somewhere. That’s another issue. And the value of ATOM and has been dropping steadily. If you look closely at the chart, you can see that in the fourth quarter of ’23, the value of ATOM started to rebound and go up a little bit. The analytics are a little bit lacking and there wasn’t enough space to elaborate and show everything in more detail. But in general you can see that in the fourth quarter of ’23, APR started to fall. So you can see here that the decline went down. We decided to go further and in general we tested a lot of coins, looked and studied. But I took only two coins as a basis – ATOM and TRON. Why ATOM and TRON? It is a more appropriate model for heterogeneous blockchain development, where scaling is horizontal, not vertical. Unlike EVM, etherium, for example. This is first of all. Naturally, our model is very similar to their model. AND TRON, TRX. Why did we take it as a basis? Because it is a very good useful project. It is already seven years old, and we are only three and a half years old. And we did the same action. Similar action with this project. And so. APR was high at about 8%. Then it started to go down and went lower. Here, it varies somewhere, it depends on the load, it’s the same as ours. On the right, we’re looking at the cost, where when the APR is high the cost is one and when the APR goes down the cost goes up. What this means, it means that the less, gets people in steaking coins, the less they are sold. Thus the demand to use the blockchain increases. Andwith the demand to use the blockchain also increases the demand for the value of the Del asset to enter.
I can now note from analytics that at27, 30 pennies at the moment, the cost of entry, a new participant who buys himself a steak, gives more liquidity to the market. At the same time, no one else has coins to sell to him at this price. And there is a clear dependence to the fact that at the moment, here, about 27 kopecksI see this as a ceiling, or rather the floor, the bottom as they call it. Well, and naturally, with the change of APR just will be a change in the value of the price.
So, what is myinitiative? Many people know this initiative and many people voted in favor of this initiative.

The initiative consists of four basic points:

The first item is the APR change to 41% year to date. So we are planning to do an update this month, maybe early July. The update on the core network. We are working on an update to launch today-tomorrow on the test network our update including initiative for the community to try and test it with us. We will announce a Bug Bounty also with the Securr project, which conducted Bug Bounty for Binance and others, for the same TRON. We will conduct Bug Bounty on our blockchain that:

A) It will attract a newaudience.
B) We will reward and find cons in our system.

So here goes. As of August first of this year, we plan to run an APR of 41% yearly. There will be a cyclical decline thereafter and it will come down to 17% annually. This will increase the steaking period to 8 years from today. There will be 8 more years of additional steaking.

seconditem is to charge the maximum calculated APR. That is, those who will want to put their steaks on hold for more than 30 days, for a year. That is, from a year and up, those -will get increased steaking from 41%. I would like to point out that steaking is just mining coins. It is not making money or profit. And this needs to be understood. Steaking is just getting cryptocurrency. And further selling or buying cryptocurrency already entails some benefits or losses. With this you need to be as careful as possible.

third pointpossibility to set any delegation period (hold).

Naturally, those who over a year will establish hold status -will receive increased steaking unlike everyone else.

And fourth. We will be reducing the period of the anbond from 30 days to 15 days.

We are also in the process of updating the EVM.

EVM will maximize compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Mashine. That is, it will enable rapid mass adoption to the Ethereum ecosystem. Having analyzed the market extensively, we noticed that 80% of projects are made on Ethereum. That is, they are compatible with EVM-compatible blockchains. We need this compatibility so that we can easily and easily implement our blockchain into other projects and other projects can implement with our blockchain. This will expand our ability to create smart contracts, to create new projects, including projects that already exist. And in whichwe can apply our blockchain.
What will this do? It will give an increase, attractiveness for developers. That is, developers who work on solidity will be able to create projects on our blockchain faster and easier. And it will increase the utility of our DEL coin. So what I was talking about, heterogeneous development of our blockchain.
Crosschain BridgeUpgrade. On this slide, I said earlier that we have prepared already an update, and this slide shows the current version, where from DecimalChain you can send coins to another blockchain through the bridge and that’s it. That’s the end of it. So Decimal Smart Chain does not have wrapped tokens. We have implemented the system, redesigned the bridge completely. And now it will be possible not only to send tokens from Decimal, but to send tokens from other blockchains to Decimal Smart Chain. For example, you will be able to send bitcoin to Decimal and make it wrapped. And similarly, let’s say Ethereum or USDT, you will be able to send to Decimal. Why, you might ask. Or the question that comes to mind is why do we need this? And it is necessary for our DEX to work. We are launching and we already have our DEX ready, in the next couple of months, as soon as the EVM update goes through, we will be getting DEX ready for release. This is a new direction where our stakeholders will be able to make money from farming, traders from trading. Naturally, and liquidity providers on liquidity delivery. It will also be a new earning strategy for you and a new investment strategy, including in cryptocurrencies. DEX is the standard option. I don’t think we’re going to linger here. Pode further.

Plans for 2014. Last year we planned to launch DAO and worked hard for a lot of time with analysts. Recycled tons of material on DAO. We wrote the first white paper, the second white paper on DAO and have now written the third version of the white paper but haven’t sent to release yet. And after the EVM upgrade to Decimal Smart Chain, we plan to launch DAO. Why are we planning to launch DAO? Because the last update that we plan to do by initiative, it was voted on by a general vote from our stakeholders from our community. This vote showed that the community is ready to participate in the implementation and the life of the project, but also every stakeholder has the right to have a voice in the development of the blockchain going forward. Therefore, this year 100% we are launching DAO. And in the near future we will be announcing the rules, that is, the third version of the white paper on DAO.

We also plan to launch a lending protocol, which is the ability to borrow other crypto assets against their assets, and also lend their crypto-assets at interest. Standard work that will allow us to infuse full liquidity into our blockchain, including DEX, which will work. On lending protocols we have also done a lot of analytical work and are now preparing technical documentation, writing TOR for the development of this protocol.

This year we are also planning to list in Ledger. Last year we tried, but because our technical base was not quite comfortable and we were doing an EVM upgrade, we decided to wait with Ledger. And now the time has come, this year, we will do a Ledger listing, for increased retention. Everyone knows what Ledger is, it’s a cold storage wallet, high security, private key control and usability. Especially Ledger with bluetooth. I use it very often, very cool stuff.

Marketing.three years, three and a half years we’ve been workingon development and not much time on marketing. This year, we’re going to spend more time on marketing and our team is going to turn the focus on project development. Why? Because our project development period is coming to an end and the project is almost ready. It’s time to start developing it, to actively develop the marketing side and to maximize the number of listings with other projects, not on exchanges. As our experience has shown, listing on other exchanges brings nothing but problems for our team, which I have to support trading on other exchanges. Also, we plan to launch a marketplace on Bitteam this month, where NFTs created on Decimal can be bought and sold for rubles. I think that this is the only offer on the Russian and CIS market, which can offer buying/selling NFTs for rubles. I have already said the maximum number of integrations. Well, and, of course, the projects we were focused on: tokenization of the online world and real businesses, application in CFA. Now we are also working in this direction. And we will work exclusively on the development of blockchain, increasing the trustworthiness and increasing the value of the DEL coin. Not in the sense that we will buy this coin, but in the sense that we will implement blockchain in real business areas, in games, in the Online world and offline. That concludes my presentation, thank you for your attention.

Konstantin: Excellent. Thank you for the presentation. One of the questions that was in the chat during the presentation: will redelivery change from seven days?  Will there be for any changes?

Anatoly: No, there will be no changes.

Konstantin: Then Anatoly question from Google Form: Hello, Anatoly. I admire you. Tell me, how do you feel in the process of achieving your goals as an achiever?

Anatoly: As long as the cost is falling and we are catching a lot of heath, only negative feelings. In fact, it is all very demotivating. But there is a goal that we want to achieve. And so we’re going towards that goal. And I am sure that this year we will already achieve what we wanted. At the very least, we will launch the basic minimum that we have planned, stop at the developments, and get involved in the development of blockchain.

Konstantin: I’ll add with your permission, because I’ve heard Anatoly talking to the developers more than once, when they reached some goal, he said that he was proud that it worked out, that we were able to realize it, because initially, some time ago, it was something so incomprehensible. And here we realized it. So, I added it this way. Am I saying it right, Anatoly?

Anatoly: Yes, that’s correct. Thank you.

Konstantinin: So, here’s a question. Antoly, do you still believe in the prospects of your brainchild, or do you have to make a good faith in bad weather?

Anatoly: A good mine in bad weather? What does that mean?

Konstantin: Are you pretending that everything is fine? Actually, you’ve already answered that question.

Anatoly: Yes, I have already answered this question. You can see by my appearance, and by my nerves, that I have even turned gray.  I know that I have already answered this question. When I knew you, Konstantin, for many years, I looked much younger. And so did you. A joke, of course. No, actually I answered the question by saying that sometimes it was hard, but since I and our team are determined, we have been working for many years. And if we set our mind to it, we’ll do it all the way through. And one way or another we’ll get what we wanted. Next question.

Konstantin: Does Decimal plan to follow the trend of 24 years to develop clickers, tappers?

Anatoly: If someone made such a clicker, it would be cool. But the team doesn’t have the resources, the time to do it. And we didn’t plan to do it.

Konstantin: I also see that users very often say why not. We will be happy to see someone realize it, and even I think we will support it if it is promising, interesting. It’s a question of users and attracting these users. We need resources

for that.

Anatoly: I completely agree with you. And if someone presents us with a working MVP, we will gladly allocate a grant for this.

Constantine: Great. I hope these people who ask me periodically and write in, are there any grants from the Decimal team? Konstantin: Yes, there are. Anatoly just confirmed that. It’s always a question of feasibility and how this project can benefit the blockchain community. So fill out the form. We leave it a lot. And in YouTube videos there is always a feedback form in the digest, where you can both propose your marketing action or idea. Also to write the bugs that are in the blockchain, if you found it. On bugs, it’s even easier now – there’s Seccur, where you can point out blockchain vulnerabilities and you’ll be rewarded for it. So don’t be shy. The development team is on the phone.

Such an interesting question from Leoton: What type of DAO will be implemented in Decimal by the end of 24? Is it possible to cluster DAOs by the strongest projects and allow tokens to be matched by projects on the Decimal blockchain. Is the question

clear to you?

Anatoly: It is a good question. I would even say a strong question. No, we haven’t planned it. So, first of all, our audience is our usual stakeholders. And we do not sell DAO tokens. DAO tokens can be generated in a smart contract, and in exchange you put DEL coins into the steaking. Thus, it turns out that those DEL coins that you exchanged for DAO token – they lie in the smart contract, they do not belong to us. That is, the maximum management and the maximum loyalty to the project and the project to the stakeholder is in the generation. If the project wants to vote its tokens, it can exchange them for a DEL coin and a DAO token and add it to the staking for management in the system.

Konstantin: Thank you. The next question is from Pasha Cobby, a regular viewer of ours who leaves questions all the time.  Is there any plans for a Decimal blockchain constructor smart contractor in three clicks?

Anatoly: Yes, it was planned, not this year. We were planning to do it and it is in the plans, but not this year, for sure.

Konstantin: The question is about usability, about simplicity. Decimal blockchain itself, at its core, aims to be simple for users, so that people without skills, without programming, without coding, can interact with the blockchain, can create cryptocurrencies and interact with them. Also, thisapplies to smart contracts, it’s a matter of time.
Anatoly, when we posted on social media that you are interacting with the Ministry of Finance, there are a few questions here, related to legislation and to cryptocurrencies, these are the issues. If there’s any data on that, what can you share, if any?

Anatoly: Konstantin, when did we publish that I interact with the Ministry of Finance? I work for the Moscow government, but on a voluntary basis. Yes, it is there. I stand in working groups, on cryptocurrency legislation, I am a participant in other working groups among others. How progressive is Russian legislation in terms of the development of cryptocurrencies?  More than not progressive. And in fact, if you look at the situation regarding cryptocurrencies, the regulator has a very ambivalent opinion on the issue of cryptocurrencies, it’s like the attitude towards knives. Pardon me for the vivid allegory. Someone cuts bread with a knife, and someone cuts bunnies with a knife, and someone even worse. In fact, the applicability of each tool is different, so if used in the right directions, then loyalty will be high. If applied in the wrong directions, then there will be no loyalty and there will be negativity. If we apply our cryptocurrency in the direction of settlement, that is, if DEL will be as a unit of account, then of course, it will be a clear notion that it will be a surrogate. If we use it for its direct purpose, as we have planned for the creation of tokens, for commissions and many other things, then there are no problems with this. You can work in Russia, steak and everything else without any problems.

Konstantin: Thank you. How many years will coin mining last? For 8, as Anatoly already said today, from this year.

After mining is over, what will affiliates who do not split their steak earn from? After the end of steaking, validators will be able to receive their income from the commission. But about the one who doesn’t separate their steak. Anatoly, comment here.

Anatoly: Well, let’s think logically. Here’s a look. A validator without a steak has nothing. It gets nothing, right? I mean, if there are no de-delegated coins in the validator, then the validator will get nothing. It won’t work. Right? I mean, if there’s no block reward, but there will be a commission reward. Which means there’s going to be steaking. Basically if you look at it, steaking never becomes.

Konstantin: Yes. I agree. So. And are there any plans to cooperate with banks? Anatoly, do you think Decimal will ever be able to cooperate with any Russian bank?

Anatoly: Yes, why not? We have already done projects on our blockchain for one organization and we can probably do it with banks too. But are there any plans? Yes, I was planning to fly into space. But somehow my plans were interrupted. The weather was bad. That’s why I didn’t go into space. We’re working for now, we’re working towards DeFi. We’re going to break through in the GameFi world. We have a good project that we are integrating with now. And so on and so forth. And banks are not this year for sure. Unless, of course, there is some kind of offer from banks, which is unlikely. Then, yes. In general, we have a project called InvestGate, with which we cooperate. And it has already become a resident of Skolkovo in the CFA area. This area will be realized on the basis of our blockchain.

Konstantin: Thank you. Question – will there be an option to upload in avatars to create coins. Coins allow you to upload into yourself avatar and the coin looks personalized however you want it. Right now, this is done through a gravatar. But, in the update that we are all waiting for, the system for avatar staging will change a little bit. But it will also be present.

Anatoly: I wanted to say that with the update there will be a good module and adding an avatar will be many times easier.

Konstantin: Dear users, don’t forget that we publish all information related to blockchain on Decimal Wiki. We have an encyclopedia where you can come and find any information related to blockchain. And besides that, not only with Decimal blockchain, but also general information on cryptocurrencies and blockchains. In order to understand and understand how things work. And also those people who have their knowledge related to cryptocurrency can add their own articles. And also be part of the Decimal Wiki. And just a reminder, I guess, to the coin creators who are watching us right now. This is also a great opportunity for you to start your own page for your project, where you’ll have other users who are learning about Decimal cryptocurrency and blockchain. They will be able to familiarize themselves with your project and go to your social networks as well. Get to know who you are, what you do, and what ideas you are pursuing.

I don’t see any more questions yet. You have one last chance to ask it either in telegram chat, if someone has time, or via Google Form.

Anatoly: I see the question still.  Are there any plans to enter the ranking of top 10-20-30 CMCs and an approximate timeframe? Anatoly: Oh, the question is very interesting. Of course, we plan to do top-10, 20, 30. Well, I don’t know about the top 10, but we will definitely go into the top 50, or into the top 100 even. We’ll start there. We’re not making any promises. And what’s your timeline? In the near future? Well, no. After the implementation of the lending protocol with dex, this year I think the development of our blockchain will go much faster. And the value of DEL coin with APR change will also change for the better. I am confident in the top 100 towards the end of this year, early next year can be expected. We have already been to the top 250 and we realized that it is easy and simple there. Even with our price dropping, we were in the top-250. We can judge, because if we grow, it means that we will be in the top 100. That’s all for now. Thank you. Do we have any more questions?

Konstantin: I do not see any questions that relate to the topic of our conversation today. We will wait for your questions in the chat-telegram, where we always have a heated discussion. And there, we will be able to discuss. If necessary, I think that Anatoly will also join this discussion. We have 1100 people watching us now, which is great. Even more will watch it on tape. We will prepare a recording of this broadcast and post it with transcription and also translate it into English, so that our English-speaking users can also familiarize themselves with the current blockchain news. Anatoly, thank you for taking the time for the Ama session. Your broadcasts always gather a lot of people. I wish you to go on air more often.

And that’s all for now, see you again!