The new YouTube host

Hello, community!

We’re happy to bring you good news from Decimal’s English-language YouTube channel.

Andrew Bedene, a Brazilian youtuber who has been running a channel about pop culture, film industry and gaming since 2012 with more than 1 million viewers, has joined the Decimal team.

In 2017, Andrei discovered the world of cryptocurrencies and started to actively explore it. Following the market over the past years, he fell in love with the technology and the idea of creating Web3. And a few months ago he met us, the world of Decimal blockchain and we invited him to become part of the team.

⚙ Now digests, instructions and other columns will be not only in text, but also in video format, and Andrey will help to make your acquaintance with the world of Decimal blockchain comfortable.

A couple of days ago the October Digest was already released. Andrey told about the main events of October in Decimal.

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