Voting results

Voting on the initiative submitted by CEO Decimal – closed today at 10:00 (UTC+3)

The results are as follows:

● Comment “Yes”: 1626
● Comment “No”: 66
● Comment “Other”: 72

According to the result of the vote – the initiative  proposed by CEO DECIMAL by a majority of votes – is accepted. This means that a plan to change the Decimal blockchain tokenomics will be lined up in the near future.

At this time, the development team’s efforts are focused on the big blockchain migration update, which is expected at the end of March. And further, the team will start implementing the items in the initiative within 2-4 weeks. About each planned and realized step – we will report on our official social media platforms.

🔗 You can also familiarize yourself with the results of the voting by viewing the transactions of the address at this link