Decimal Roadmap. 2024

Hello, community!
Last year was a busy one, but our team is not resting on its laurels and has set new ambitious goals for this year.

Every day we strive to make the service more convenient and efficient for users and today we would like to present the main stages of Decimal roadmap for 2024. In future publications we will talk about each update in detail: why it is important for the project and for our community.

Q1: Expansion of API functionality

Improvement of Service Coin API.
It was decided to dedicate the beginning of the year to expanding the functionality of the API. The Service Coin API will improve parsing of data from the blockchain and significantly improve the accuracy and speed of access to transaction information.

Service Address API for asset management.
The implementation of Service Address API will simplify access to address and balance data, making asset management even more efficient.

Service Contract API
By implementing the Service Contract API, a high speed of contract data retrieval will be achieved.

Mainnet update.
The update planned from 2023 required more detail, so it was decided to postpone it to the current year. The functionality responsible for the operational activities of native DEL, custom coins, NFT will be moved from the COSMOS module to EVM, while preserving the buying, selling, sending and other functions. It was decided to make the functionality not a separate component of the Decimal ecosystem, but to build NFT inside the blockchain itself, hence the update has been pushed back to this year. This update will simplify and speed up coin handling and integration into existing DeFi services, as well as significantly improve security.

Service NFT API for working with NFT.
The introduction of the new API will enable users to try out the extended possibilities of fast and comfortable work with NFT.

Service Stake API for access to staking and Service Validator API.
Will incentivise users to participate more actively in the network, and the Service Validator API will help achieve this. Strengthening Decimal’s connectivity with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain will enable seamless transfer of assets from one network to another and speed up transactions.

Optimisation of payments via Service RPC API.
Optimisation of the Service Search API will make searching on the blockchain more intuitive and faster. Any API update, first of all, provides a serious technological platform for third-party developers who will build their projects on our blockchain.

DEX Delswap Release.
With the introduction of DEX on the Decimal network, users will be able to conduct instant token and coin exchange transactions with minimal fees. The subsequent introduction of wrapped assets from the ETH and BSC networks will significantly increase the liquidity of DEX. The creation of liquidity and farming pools will provide users with the opportunity to maximise their profits from trading strategies.

Q2: Increased coverage

Decimal integration to Ledger.
This integration will securely store Decimal cryptocurrency in Ledger wallets, greatly enhancing security and convenience for users.

Import private key from Decimal wallet.
The feature will allow easy authorisation on different devices using a private key, increasing the usability of Decimal wallet, making it more accessible to the audience.

Addressing the Issue of Bulky Nodes.
A common problem with big data validators is that they are bulky and inconvenient to store. The solution is to optimise them to simplify deployment and speed up maintenance.

Connection of Decimal to the IBC Protocol (postponed from 2023).
The task of connecting Decimal to the IBC protocol was postponed from last year as it required a lot of infrastructure preparation work before implementation. The most challenging phase was completed towards the end of 2023, and this preparation ensured the latest versions of software packages and smooth operation of the network. All that remains for implementation is the addition of the IBC module, which will help the blockchain scale and attract additional liquidity.

Q3: Implementation of Platform and Management System

Implementation and Launch of DDAO.
The implementation of a platform and system for decentralised governance of the Decimal blockchain will allow the community to make important decisions about the development of the platform. The DDAO will aim for more democratic governance by allowing participants to vote and propose changes to the system.

Conducting a Hackathon.
Organizing an event focused on developing an NFT Marketplace.

Q4: New Opportunities for Users

Development and Implementation of Lending Protocol.
Focus on developing and launching a lending protocol that will enable users to obtain cryptocurrency loans using their assets as collateral. And for other users to make such loans using their assets as collateral.

Step by step, we are striving to improve the user experience and expand functionality. Carrying over some tasks from last year has helped to develop them more thoroughly and deeply, which will result in high performance and reliability.

Our team is doing everything we can to make blockchain an even more attractive and convenient tool for our rapidly growing community. We are confident that we will be able to realise this ambitious plan in 2024. Join our exciting journey and stay tuned for updates!