A useful primer for beginners. What is Decimal?

Hello, newbie! We have collected for you the basic information about Decimal blockchain in one place. This booklet will be your guide to the world of Decimal and its friendly community.

Blockchain Decimal was created by a group of professional developers, working with blockchain technology for more than 6 years. Under the track record of Decimal developers there are unique and popular services among users.

Developing Decimal we wanted to:

To create a convenient, simple and understandable to the mass user tool for secure interaction with WEB 3 and DeFi:

⠀To solve this problem, we created a fast, easy to use and own cryptocurrency DEL, the base currency of the Decimal blockchain. Transaction blocks every 5 seconds and stacking as motivation for validators. We also provide a decentralized (only you have access to your coins) convenient Decimal Wallet available on all platforms.

Create a “constructor” of cryptocurrencies. So that any entrepreneur, from a novice blogger to a large business owner, could issue his own currency, token or contract and manage it without special technical skills:

⠀To solve this problem, we created a personal console, where in a few clicks you can create your own liquid (DEL provisioned) coin with its own specificity and uniqueness and easily integrate it into your product or service. We have implemented an unambiguous price formation mechanism for each coin and the ability to exchange a coin at any time to any other coin in the Decimal network

Create an economic incentive for each user of the Decimal network. We believe that the surest motivation to truly understand new technology is the opportunity to profit:

⠀To solve this problem, we used the Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism. According to this mechanism, not only validators (special participants), but also all other coin owners of the Decimal network who delegated their coins to validators, are rewarded for maintaining the blockchain.

Advantages, extreme global innovations and updates Decimal:



The official Decimal page appeared on Binance Live, where the first AMA session on White Paper DAO and DDAO in general was held. Some great results regarding Binance, such as: an official letter from Binance allowing you to officially apply for a listing in the exchange’s innovation zone. Working towards collaboration with Binance and the BSC blockchain team.


Decimal DAO

Decimal uses DAO to create a decentralized governance structure that provides a level playing field for all participants and facilitates fair decision-making. As well as eliminating the dependence on intermediate institutions, reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of system development by providing transparency and security using blockchain technology.

Read more about DAO: White Paper DAO and here.



Decimal with its transition to Decimal Smart Chain is becoming more popular and interesting every day for developers of applications, games, and other products. Integrations such as with : MetaMask, Keplr, Ledger, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet allow you to grow even faster and reach more of your audience, thus developing an already active community.



CoinMarketCap is the largest crypto reviewer in the industry, where Decimal has taken the ranking top spots more than once, as well as the “Recommended” positions on the main CoinMarketCap page.



The fast-growing and friendly community of Decimal is the people who will help you in the official chat of the channel, answer all your questions and help you understand if you don’t understand something. Regular drawings and contests will help you to consolidate the material of past innovations and updates, as well as just to distract and get the prize DEL.

Where to follow:



Where to buy DEL?


Where to store DEL:

Decimal Wallet Browser
Decimal Wallet app: GooglePlay, AppStore, AppGallery


Decimal Social Media:

Binance Live
Telegram chat



Where can I get answers to my questions and help?

If you have any questions or just need help – you can always write in the chat and kind people will be able to help or just discuss something. Also, any questions, suggestions to the team or technical requests can be asked through the support bot: @Decimalchain_support_bot