AMA-session with Decimal CEO Anatoly Berdnikov from 22.02.24. Text format.

On February 22, Binance hosted an AMA session with Anatoly Berdnikov, CEO of Decimal. As promised, we prepared the AMA-session in text format for those who didn’t have a chance to watch it or it’s just more convenient.

Konstantin Ponomaryov and Anatoly Berdnikov were the hosts of the broadcast. A detailed transcript of the broadcast follows.

Konstantin Ponomariov: There is a bit of an echo, I’m joining the broadcast, I’m turning off the music this time. Dear viewers, hello Anatoly, good afternoon. Let’s check your sound at once.

Anatoly Berdnikov: all, good afternoon. How is the sound, Konstantin?

Konstantin Ponomarev: yes, everything seems to be fine. Dear viewers, those who are plugging in. We are expecting everyone who wanted to attend. Please write in the comments, you can do it on Binance Live, you can also do it in the telegram Decimal chat, I have it open, so I can see your comment if everything is okay with the sound. If in the process of our communication you see that the sound is louder for me or for Anatoly, specify it, I will correct it. I have such a function. Today we have the second AMA session this year with you, Anatoly. A lot of people. expect such AMA sessions, because this is where you can talk to the founder of the blockchain: when you are on the line, when you share and news, answer the most important questions. We planned one broadcast, but we’ve managed to have a second one. I don’t know if we will announce a third airing from this question, but I think this practice should catch on. And I will be asking Anatoly at least to make sure that we air more often and answer questions from our community. At this point we have 59 questions, and I have removed some of them because they are not related to the topic of our communication. In total, we have received about 82 questions from you, and we answered half of them last time. And we’ll answer the other questions today. So, I’m still waiting, dear viewers, for you to write in the binance chat, everything is fine. Well, to me the moderator writes everything is fine, so we will start. A pause of three minutes, I held out in order to wait for all the people – 318 people are watching us. Last time we had about 3000 views, Anatoly, so we are expecting even more views this time, because today we will touch upon the hot topics that our users have been waiting for since the last broadcast.  And Anatoly, I have the first question, you know, to warm you up, so that you adapt to the live broadcast, and it was asked by KirsoAskanay: “Do I understand correctly that the development of the Decimal blockchain rests only on you, Anatoly”?

Anatoly Berdnikov: unexpectedly, what a question. The development of blockchain, the development of any project, always seems to be based on the creator. Because the team coming and going, in general, usually works solely for money, and there are very few people with ideas. And on the way of development of our project idea people of course meet, there are a lot of them in the cheta. Everyone has his own opinion someone even considers a hater, although he wholeheartedly strives for development. But in fact, the development is not only on the place to build, but just on such people like me. And the more such people, inspired by the idea, who understand the essence, the bigger and stronger our project becomes. However, we do not exclude people who decided to make money on a short position or buy somewhere, then sell or steak. It is a normal phenomenon, I guess, Konstantin, the same thing, to buy and sell cars. Here you bought yourself a car that you wanted, dreamed about. You will probably drive it, improve it, do tuning, but another person dreamed of a different car. And he does not want to do tuning, and he says that, sorry, you are not normal. So, it’s not good, it’s bad that you do tuning, it’s much better in the rack. And the third one, he doesn’t care about cars at all, it’s important for him to earn an extra hundred on you. And just like that, everyone’s opinion is divided. And I would like to note that, of course, at the moment I am the generator of all new ideas. And I would very much like to listen to the audience, including all active people who would like to. From the last AMA session, I received three proposals for development out of three proposals, one was very good. Two were in line with what we were already working on. I think that concludes the answer to the question.

Konstantin Ponomariov:
Thank you, thank you. A warm-up question. And I remind you, dear viewers, that all the questions we receive from you, and from them we will choose the most interesting questions after the broadcast. The prize box is 100 dollars. And we will send 1000 dollars each to those who asked the most interesting questions, in our opinion. So try to formulate your questions so that they are the most interesting ones. Today, I have divided all the questions into several categories, as I did last time. First, I want to discuss the DUSD stablecoin with you, Anatoly. After that, we will touch upon the topic of tokenization, we will touch upon the topic and marketing, issues related to the price of DEL and also about the initiative and other issues that are not included in these categories. That’s the kind of thing too, we have people asking questions. You have a list, including Anatoly. If there is time during the broadcast, there are also voluminous questions here, along with suggestions. Perhaps you would also like to discuss it, as you did last time. Or I suggest that the owner of such questions and proposals should formulate them into a commercial proposal. And send them directly to Anatoly so that they can also be discussed. For example, today we heard Anatoly discussing it with other users.

Anatoly Berdnikov: Konstantin, I would really like to discuss and talk in a dialog, not in a monologue, as we did last time. So in view of the absence of our viewers, who, unfortunately, cannot participate in dialog, in discussion, perhaps even, I propose today, in the mode of communication with you. It will be great if you represent the opinion of the community, and the community will prompt you in the chat room with some additional questions regarding the comments.

Konstantin Ponomariov: I will try, I heard you. Let’s start then with stablecoin. First question: tell us how the DUSD algorithmic stablecoin is structured, is there any protection so as not to repeat the fate of UST.

Anatoly Berdnikov: That is a good question. Why is it good? And the fact that… And the fact that, I apologize, it gives us the opportunity to talk about its structure. Let’s start with the very basic UST. It was an algorithmic koin, which was supported by the oracle and by the backing of the Terra Luna coin. And our stablecoin it is algorithmic, backed at a 1:1 ratio to the dollar. That is, to the electronic dollar, USDS and similar steiblcoins, let’s say the same DAI. At the moment we are working on the implementation of the issuance protocol, but we have made the first trial issues manually and one of these days we plan to launch the first pairs on the exchange. This week we have already tested different variants of launching trading pairs and also turnover. We found a few critical errors, and I hope that the technical team will be able to fix everything on Monday. That is, we plan to start final tests and pre-launch on Monday, Tuesday.

Konstantin Ponomariov: that is, to answer the question of when DUSD will be launched, we will launch it very soon and wait for the announcements. We also have prepared articles that describe how DUSD works, what it is, and you will be able to familiarize yourself with it and you will understand a lot of things here. But still, I will ask a quick question from Sims 2013: will this stablecoin be steakable?

Anatoly Berdnikov: no, the first version of the steiblcoin does not include steaking of the token itself. We envisioned such a scenario a little later and planned to launch the second series of stablecoin, the second series of the protocol for issuing stablecoin with additional security for the Del coin so that this stablecoin could be steaked and mined. This will be in a few months, while we are keeping all the nuances and details of the steiblcoin secret on purpose, so that the news itself does not burn out, as it usually happens. That is, when the news is released, from the moment of news to the moment of launch for developers is a very long way, let’s say two weeks. And for consumers, and even more so in our so to speak world of technology, 1-2 days of news and after 2 days the news becomes yesterday’s news, and it is no longer interesting. Moreover, if you look, yes Konstantin, at the moment so many publiki read that you think, here is already old news and, for today, scrolled the same news 3 times in the publiki. And you think, but already bored, bored with this, all is not interesting. And the same thing, the same effect, the same phenomenon happens in the crypto world, when people don’t even understand quantum blockchains, yes, it’s not interesting anymore. Now who can you tell, it’s not interesting anymore. It was interesting 2 years ago and it doesn’t matter that it didn’t come out. It would, that’s why we keep these things secret. I’ll stop here. Thank you, Konstantin, next question.

Konstantin Ponomarev: You have talked about quantum computers, and there was a question related to security. I will probably try to find it. But I remember that it sounded like, well, quantum computers are emerging, the power is emerging, yes, how is the blockchain protected from this. If you have any thoughts here, and I’ll look it up in the meantime.

Anatoly Berdnikov: There is, of course, a joke about this, but I am afraid to tell it, because we are all protected by the Lord God. And only He knows better, in fact, that’s what will happen. And if you will really look skeptically to this question, then so far at the moment in open use or in public use there are actually no these technologies in the form of quantum computers. And if we look at the actual practice of application, I have not seen any cases yet, that they created specially some equipment in order to break other projects or software, for example. To find vulnerabilities, yes, to inform developers about these vulnerabilities, of course. But in no way expose any project to risk and insecurity. That’s it.

Konstantin Ponomarev: Thank you. Since you told us about applicability, we have a question in DUSD. What will be the applicability of DUSD? And is DUSD already in our EVM network? If you talk about applicability, that’s one way to make the news timeless. So that we constantly find a reason to talk about how and in principle it can be applied and where it is applied.

Anatoly Berdnikov: In the network, yes, that DUSD has an issue of 150,000 at the moment, for this 150,000 there is 100% collateral, this collateral will be made by organizing a trading pair on the exchange. The first pair will be DUSD/USDT. What is the purpose of this steblecoin? We are releasing this steblecoin specifically for the release of a decentralized exchange. In the next month we are planning the release of DEX and inside the settlement for this exchange we need a stable unit of measurement that can have a settlement. Of course at the moment together with DEX we will release a crosschain bridge that will provide wrapped tokens inside the Decimal blockchain loop to fill DEX with liquidity.

Konstantin Ponomarev: Thank you. The questions are over on DUSD, I’m smoothly moving on to tokenization. There are a number of questions from different people related to, well, to simplify, how tokenize your business. And a number of questions related to whether the blockchain team intends to make a constructor for writing some applications for business, so that simple entrepreneurs who do not know IT, IT sphere of activity, so that they can tokenize. What are your thoughts on this, Anatoly?

Anatoly Berdnikov: Oh, well, tokenization actually, Konstantin, I would like to say that the blockchain itself was invented to tokenize businesses and projects. At the moment the DAPS team is working on just such projects, as you said, on a constructor or a template for tokenization of projects. And we’ve gone a little bit further and bigger. Once upon a time, a long time ago, when we launched in ’20, we launched blockchain\, I talked about how we were planning to get a CFA license. At that time, I couldn’t really imagine what a CFA license was and how to get one. For this purpose, I had to go through several circles of hell actually: we had to organize an IT-company, which would have licenses in the FSB stack and have a permit to work with cryptography and a similar permit. Next, it was necessary to organize and establish a company that would be in terms of staff members, full-time employees, and all the regulations to comply with in order to be the operator of the information system, that is, the operator of the CFA issue. But after two years we made it, we got an investment platform license. For this company, the investment platform was launched two months ago. In the first battle tests and now it is available for every user – it is a classic crowdfunding, investment platform. I would like to say, Konstantin, that I mentioned last time that I was preparing for a very serious event on one project. And I wanted to tell you that this platform will work on the Decimal blockchain. And last Thursday at 5pm I defended InvestGate projects in Skolkovo. What do you think the results will be? Yes, we will become residents of Skolkovo, or rather we have already become residents in Skolkovo, de facto. De jure, we are now submitting the documents. We have passed and defended our project, and now we will become Skolkovo residents. This is a very big breakthrough indeed. Moreover, we have already begun the process of preparing documents to obtain the status of an information system for the operator of the issuance of CFA financial assets. That is, with 99% confidence that we will receive this license. This year or at the beginning of next year, it depends not on us, but on the bureaucratic apparatus, the decision-making department of the central bank. I guess that’s all I wanted to say, so here’s a question. How do you think our positions have become good?

Konstantin Ponomarev: The news is excellent. I assume how wide the range of applications. This is what is still waiting for us, dear viewers, we are taking these steps together. But still I will have questions then still related to small business. For example, Velikov asked several questions: for example, can you designate those industries that are closest to start automating business processes on Decimal? Or can you identify those areas of business where blockchain is, by all means, relevant?

Anatoly Berdnikov: over the last three, almost 4 years, we have done several projects on blockchain. For small medium-sized businesses in Russia, it was one of the last projects we did – landfills, garbage landfills in the Moscow region, there is a company that counted through smart contracts and read the number of shipments by unloaded car and the number of trips. And also did for each car, a check, that is, checked each car that it unloaded. What we did, we made a qr-code inside, inside the bucket of the dump truck itself. And when it was unloaded, the camera would check the qr-code and then it would be uploaded to the database. The smart-contract went through all the data and gave information to the remote control, that this machine was loaded, the number is such and such, and what this translator needs to do in payment, the volume unloaded is such and such. In general there was such an application. And in fact, there was also a good project, well, one quite a big project, when the logistics of goods was sewn into the blockchain, and stored through the blockchain. By qr code you could check the code, you could scan the code and you could see when the goods came out, what destinations they passed through, and how they were delivered to the point where they were checked. So that’s out of big interests like that, and really in deciding how to use blockchain, in what industry. Well it’s unlikely that I can, based on, the kind that I’ve seen applied ILT is the internet of things, here in data storage I’ve seen about it’s applicability, very much an idea actually, as far as blockchain is concerned it’s issues from digital finance, assets and utilitarian digital rights.  I also work, I take part as an expert in the selection of applications at the forum “Strong Ideas for New Times” and there is a direction of blockchain, artificial intelligence, in this direction I have been working for two years, last year we selected for the PMF and this year it turns out to commit in February, I think, in the 20th of this forum was held all-Russian state, there were a lot of interesting projects. By the way, our project was among the top-top projects is on DRM, that is, the release of utilitarian rights and the creation of digital finance, assets, on the basis of an investment platform. I will probably end my answer to the question here, it is too long.

Konstantin Ponomarev: Thank you, I have a question in the link user Bask Sergey writes that Decimal tokenomics and Del coin was originally designed for a much larger number of projects in his opinion most coin holders are just stakers, and here is a question: in your opinion, what prevents the community to realize a large number of projects, interesting to know in your opinion?

Anatoly Berdnikov: This is a question that probably cannot be answered immediately. What prevents it? What prevents us from developing, well, first of all, probably, low awareness, that is, we have very little advertising. We are trying to fix this of course in many countries we have Russia banned direct advertising of cryptocurrency and similar, some projects, and a big risk to get on the list of the Central Bank as unfair practices, so we are basically afraid because of this and many people also do not do – this is the first. The second thing, but actually there are not enough interesting projects. I see very few projects on the Internet that have now experienced not just crypto winters, but probably a crypto apocalypse in the last couple of years, which started from the beginning of 2022 from February. How this apocalypse started around the world, sanctions, everything else. So, what to talk about when the huge exchanges there have gone down, and we’re the little blockchain has stayed afloat. So when they say, “Well, everything is scam, scam,” I never understand, if I sincerely do not understand this word, what is scam? A scam can happen if it closes down, and blockchain is a project that works. The value can go down, it can go up, but we will talk about it later, we will not go into it. Konstantin, next question

Konstantin Ponomariov: I am loading you up a little bit, I will answer them myself. Rhoda Khlebova asks: is it possible to trace a fraudulent project with an empty coin created on our blockchain? Yes it is possible, firstly, any project when creating sometimes leaves a comment in the form of its website or its contacts, where you can contact and see what kind of team it is. And secondly, the project Decimal Ddaps, which accumulates and is a monitoring of projects on Decimal, and you can go and see the information that the project has provided. It should be provided, besides that, the project that is launched for a long time, creates a tokenomics, in which they prescribe how it is going to work, shows its roadmap and through some steps, realization of these steps, each user can see what the project is doing and what it is doing for. And as soon as you apply your own decision that yes I believe this project and see that how it has a product, how it earns, how it earns users, how it attracts users, and what the future holds for it. Only on this basis each user makes his own understanding, yes to work with this project whether to interact with it, whether to buy its coins, and I do not know in validator delegate, and so on. But in any case, each of us independently decide whether to trust such a project. If you have anything to add on this, how do you define a mechanical project created on Decimal? And do you think, Anatoly, here is another question, is there any mechanics or is Decimal planning to make these projects smaller, maybe I don’t know something.

Anatoly Berdnikov: Well, in a decentralized world, specifically in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is very difficult to do this. And plus we should not forget that the world of cryptocurrencies is precisely about freedom. And there is a very fine line between freedom and danger, when we are all used to live in safety, when on the street the police are watching for crime and the laws are observed, but the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralization is a little bit different issue. On the internet, we have a lot more difficulty. Of course we take all the maximum measures, but as you said earlier, Konstantin, it does not always help, and in fact, you know it very well. Let’s move on to the next question. I see a lot of questions there, which I’m afraid we won’t have time for, and the time has already passed half an hour.

Konstantin Ponomariov: yes, tell us briefly about the legal plane when creating loyalty points in business or, for example, collecting funds in cryptocurrency and tokens in a business idea, the user EWG-Rafonto has such a question – he is waiting for training as such. Interested to hear your thoughts.

Anatoly Berdnikov: Well, we do not do training. Training goes to the academy, to the SpaceBot company, they have training there. You can ask them to create a course, if they have the competence to do so. About, to have the training done and to get that training. Again, I haven’t actually come across such courses, although it was very interesting to see, Konstantin, what do you think?

Konstantin Ponomarev: A course on the legality of implementation? Well this is basically a course on tokenization. That is, how to use it, legally.

Anatoly Berdnikov: well, I was actually reading a book recently. It’s called Cashback and Cashback and Loyalty Points and Other Tools, I think it’s called that. On ozone, no, on Sbermaket I bought it for a thousand rubles, and I was interested – it’s all from the legal plane. This is a very interesting book in terms of the legal part, that is, how other companies use legally all loyalty points. Including SberSpasibo, Aeroflot bonus and similar loyalty points were described there. Let’s move on to the next question.

Konstantin Ponomarev: The next question I have is this, AvoidSomeOne: Tell me, if you have international plans about the development of Decimal, he writes that you had Tangem, as an association with Russia, quite…. So, well, we worked with Tangem. There might be some new rounds of growth in blockchain. If you have any insights on that.

Anatoly Berdnikov: So, in order. We had one of our colleagues working for us until recently, and at the last AMA session I told you that one of our colleagues had left our team. It was the director of development. He was responsible for overseas development, among other things. At the moment his position is vacant. Someone who is ready to work very hard and for free. We’re waiting for you! But actually still we have plans to add Ledger to the Cryptocurrency Wallet. This, I think, will happen in the next six months. We had a Pull Request prepared for this, but didn’t have the core technology base, which we have now prepared and we are planning to do a mynet update in March. After that, we will have a lot of options available to us to develop our blockchain, in the form of collaborations with other EVM-compliant projects. Before that we could not develop with other GEOs and other countries due to lack of interoperability. Now interoperability will be increased to the maximum. That’s all for now, with this issue.

Konstantin Ponomarev: Thank you. I read several pieces of ten marketing questions at once. The general tendency of the question arises when a user asks what marketing activities, development teams or Decimal team is showing, what they have in their plan and what they are doing. Having said that, dear viewers, I see that you have questions with some suggestions even, I suggest that if you have a suggestion on how to develop a marketing campaign or a promotion or a way to engage some target audience that can be useful to Decimal blockchain, send it to us. We always read your proposal, look at it, we have a whole separate Google form for questions and suggestions related to blockchain. And we always review them and decide where to put them, what priority to choose. And we look for an opportunity to put them there in this general development plan, on the roadmap we are following. But I would still like to hear from you, Anatoly, an answer to the question, yes, what kind of marketing activity is being carried out by the developers?

Anatoly Berdnikov: What kind of marketing activity does the developers have? But we as developers have separately, as a team project, nor as developers, as a team project, we have a marketing department, which is engaged according to the strategy of the project development. And there is a business developer who deals with strategic connections with other companies, strategic partners and new collaborations. Everything that is possible from our side, SEO-promotion, SMM and similar promotions we realize. Of course we lack managers, business developers who plan, who could help us in the development of our project in the plane of connecting new partners, new collaborations and new listings. Thank you.

Konstantin Ponomarev: This includes questions about bloggers, when will there be such advertising, and so on. If you have specific suggestions, dear users, send them to us, we are on the dialog, you see us in the chat rooms, we answer your questions when you have them and we also consider them in the feedback form. If there are any additional questions, of course, we contact you to discuss anything. So, well on marketing, I guess I’m done here, they’re all more or less the same. The question of price Del. Anatoly, first question: what is an acceptable price for the coin, so that everybody is satisfied with the developers and those who build their projects? What price are you aiming for? That’s how it sounds.

Anatoly Berdnikov: Konstantin, what do you think? What is an acceptable price?

Konstantin Ponomaryov: There are several questions here, actually. For me, it is not the price itself that is in question, yes, but rather what is acceptable for what? That is, you need to understand how this token is used in what process, yes, and in any case, the dependence on where it is used, yes, there is already an economic model to be calculated, what it should be, so that it is convenient. But on the other hand, yes, and the functionality or the applicability of the token is primarily what might be interesting. So for me it doesn’t matter what the price is.

Anatoly Berdnikov: Konstantin, I suggest that you take my place for a moment and answer the question: do you think so? Here is the question, do you think, yes, what is the most acceptable price for coins? That’s a good question, because we all realize that many of those who come into cryptocurrencies, they come to make a profit. That’s right, it’s no secret. Profit, in what way, I mean they steak, they trade, kind of everything. They develop some new trading strategies, they trade on DeFi, right? Either they steak, then they sell. And when people come with a specific notion, that is, I will buy coins now, then sell them and get a walrus. Well, if I do it in one day, it’s cool. Right, Konstantin, I know that you used to trade very well, trading is yours, especially P2P arbitrage, when it was not so fashionable yet, yes, about five years ago. What do you think, what is this, what is the DEL value favorable?

Konstantin Ponomarev: at every moment of time it is favorable in any case. During my time including trading, I mastered about five years ago different ways to earn money on cryptocurrency. I got the following picture in my head that you can earn money on cryptocurrency only in the following ways. The first is the easiest hold, yes, buy it, forget it, and someday sell it, yes. The second way is trading, when in the moment, yes, I buy cheaper I sell more expensive, here, and, or do some, as from you, Anatoly, I once heard it that “My mission is in commissions”, here, and this, this is also one of the ways of earning, when you get a commission, yes, at the expense of there, when I am a guarantor of the force, when I participate in the transaction. The next way, the third way, is project activity, it is when I earn coins in other ways, that is, they appear at the expense of some of my skills, when I have a product of some kind, when I invented a scheme or a business process in which I participated in these tokens and users transfer them to me for my services, yes, and they accumulate. And the next one is airdrop, it is a marketing activity, yes, when coins are collected due to the fact that I show some activity or help the project to promote it, i.e. attracting new users, this is here, even referral structure or affiliate program, yes, the so-called invited one, got his part or share.

Anatoly Berdnikov: well here’s a question, when bitcoin was worth a thousand dollars, yes, you bought it and then sold it, you made money, right? Then left 10 thousand dollars, 20, 30, 40 thousand, 60 thousand dollars, you bought it and sold it and made money, right? You did something, you made money, then it went down 20 thousand, and we somehow have it down 17 thousand, and also you bought it and made money, you sold it, it doesn’t matter how much bitcoin is, you still made that profit, right? Yeah, even when you bought the miners, you put them in, they were very expensive, at 60 thousand a bitcoin, if you think back, right? Then the price fell and all this hardware became X3 unprofitable, but still work, earn, sell, profit, but where is this value of bitcoin? It is the most favorable, maybe for different users differently, who is in the hold, the higher the better. Who is in trading, the more it jumps, the better, the higher the value, the lower the value, the better, now they pay off, the price will rise, they will sell, and so on, traders live like that.  And everyone has their own.  Konstantin, you do, you work, you spread referrals, you get a spill in the rate, you sell, you get your money always, regardless of the rate, right? Here are three scenarios about the course, which one is better? To each their own. For me as a project manager, I don’t care what the course is, why? Because, with any course, our project is working, evolving, and we’re interested in what’s going to happen next. People leave and come, this is cryptocurrency, it can be compared to a toy, people can play and leave, can stay forever and take it seriously, and develop together with the project, develop the project, and go together. I have been in cryptocurrencies for more than ten years, I have seen different methods of work, I know very well how traders work, when they buy up on the rise, drive the price, and then at the first fall of adjustments begin to fix in those who came in later, who did not have the opportunity to come in now, for example, because they did not follow, or came in on the fomo effect. I understand perfectly well how the information is manipulated probably just to pardon the expression “to mow the hamster” as it, looks earlier, or to commit exitscam. But a separate difference is that our project is working, it is developing, you can look at GetHub pools of liquidity that we pour. That is all the updates of our developer, there you can see that there is daily work going on, I apologize, what is going on, interesting developments. And big projects, which, by the way, there I saw a question about big projects, when will big projects notice our project? Already noticed, they will definitely, big projects, and definitely other projects will see us. We keep all the information secret, I told you that we are working and soon these results will be, and they are planned. And we have been working for a long time, we have been going for almost four years, we have survived two crypto winters, and our project is working, we have a large, active community, even comparing with other projects. If you look at other projects, there is nothing at all, except for hate, we have, but at least the hate is funny. you can laugh sometimes. Konstantin, do you like our hate?  By the way, it is constructive, nothing bad, constructive.

Konstantin Ponomariov: We also communicate with some people behind the scenes, Anatoly. We have to communicate with some people to show our point of view. This is what the chat room was created for, and what we are ready to discuss, so that everything does not go to emotions.

Anatoly Berdnikov: but we will come to the end of the question, because any price is important to us. I said earlier in my opinion that the lower the price, the better, why? Because the easier it is for a new user to enter the project, here is the price when it will be small, when a new user will be able to enter and take the volume of coins, for example, those who would like to fix, who will fix a loss, for example, just those traders. Then the market will start to grow, and I assume that certainly the infodump that will take place, as I promised February-March-April, but now February is ending, we are a little bit late with the update. I think there’s going to be a market unfolding, our market, I’m not talking about the global market, but specifically our market. Because to look at all of this, the cost, how did this happen? There were circumstances beyond our control two years ago, we can even allow, perhaps, the development. Just today I read a question about the black swan, we can even assume that the liquidity of the Decimal market has gone, and this liquidity has gone towards Georgia, Armenia, where did the re-locants go? To Turkey, yes, to Dubai, so they went there, the price went down, panic sale.  Then the geopolitical news had a very strong impact on the development of the project, and there was a decadent mood, and of course two years, two years of crypto winter, dead. Very dead trade was, so it is very difficult to compete with a regular tokenization project with HYIP coins. When put on the same level and with High projects that specifically grows, then skamalized, closed and it’s gone. Scammed is when it closed, not when the price dropped, for the future for those who ask what scam is. This is probably where I will end my discussion, Konstantin. Do you think you have anything to comment on?

Konstantin Ponomarev: well, I’m looking at the questions, they are more or less all similar. But I think that users, you know, what else do they want to get? Let’s say a user writes: but strategically such price dynamics may discourage new people from participating in the project, if you have any assumptions about future actions that will lead to an increase in the price of Del. The creation of DAO has had a positive impact on the price of the token users will also write off. There you just partially answered this question already, if there is anything else to add to this question.

Anatoly Berdnikov: Well, conceptually, in fact, everything that relates to the value of the Del coin should be approached comprehensively. I wrote about this in my initiative, I asked the community to vote in favor of the initiative, for or against, for partially or against partially. And the initiative I outlined the following, that, first of all, it is necessary to change the tokenomics. Tokenomics necessarily, that is to change several factors in tokenomics. This is the hold, this is the accrual of APR and the accrual of rewards. First, it will reduce the entry of new coins into the market, taking into account the critical mass of users, the mood of users. The second iteration or parallel iteration, I described in the second part that it is certainly very important to work within the blockchain loop of a service like DeFi, it’s stablecoin, it’s wrapped tokens, it’s DEX, lending protocols and the like. We do not have a lending protocol on the market in Russia and the CIS, which are openly used, used by traders I know. It would be a good product we considered, so we started working. Naturally, the third, in addition to everything else, the third chapter I described just the marketing part, the marketing strategy, it’s business development, it’s new projects, created projects on our blockchain. We signed an agreement with a company that held hackathons for binance, they held hackathons for someone else, they held hackathons for TRON. In order for new developers to work projects on our blockchain. The company is waiting for our updates in order to start hackathons to guide the development of our blockchain. And we have enough such projects like this, in the form of collaborations. Right now, I will say for sure that we are keeping four in stock on pre-release. And we are waiting for the update, after the update there will be a good development, closer already then in March. Konstantin, that’s the end of it.

Konstantin Ponomariov: You have touched on a great many issues, Anatoly, which are related to the initiative. Thank you. When users ask, yes, what if we do this, yes, if we do that, and one user also asks: here are your proposed changes, which you just said about the initiative, that is, in your opinion, I want to confirm that they will not only not exacerbate the current situation with the price, but may reverse it. Am I understanding this correctly?

Anatoly Berdnikov: Yes, that’s right.

Konstantin Ponomariov: And then, this is the next question from another participant, I am combining several questions. I note, by the way, dear viewers, don’t worry, we will choose some of the most interesting ones later. And how might these changes come into force? I mean, the DAO, it hasn’t passed yet. Here’s the voting, which is right there, what it shows you, right now it’s at 800 votes, if I’m not mistaken. And by the way, we have about 1,928 people watching right now. Yes, here…Yes, if you haven’t voted, go to the Telegram chat, it’s in the description here, ask where to vote, and leave your vote. And you’ll have to read the initiative first, you can’t do it that fast. I’ve only read it once since the fourth, if I’m honest, it’s not that easy, so at least then vote. Tell me, how can they make changes at all?

Anatoly Berdnikov: And I would like to discuss once again today what I have read a lot of feedback, someone says that it is unfair to vote with DAO tokens. To be honest, I wanted to say that I was planning that if the vote takes a positive turn, then we can vote on the blockchain, and only active wallets can vote. That is, the activity of wallets, we can check, say, the minimum balance, so that say, one wallet had a minimum of some balance, let’s say, I read someone wrote that the minimum was 20,000 coins, for example. And then that vote will be counted. I assume that plus or minus, we will probably do that, if positive. Well, I’m going to take a look at it for the sake of interest. I was wondering, Konstantin, how many people voted, do you think? 604 people voted in total. Of those, 8% voted not to accept the changes in their entirety. 36% voted to accept partially and 56% voted to accept the changes in full. I believe that, here 615 has become already. I believe that this is a very good result, let’s say, for our endeavor. And let us, dear friends, try then to prepare some development. I will describe how I envision the voting, I will also send my channel and we will vote on whether we will do the voting or not. And I’ll listen just in the chat, we’ll talk about what is the best way to hold the vote. I’m only in favor of conducting it fairly. With that question out of the way, I think we can close.

Konstantin Ponomariov: well and actively I mean steps or changes. You have one of the options “Yes, completely” and “Yes, partially”. Part of the people, some changes they apparently do not like or they are ready, want to discuss them. Including in your thoughts show the stages of development, as you see it in order to be clearer. So, dear viewers, join the chat, write: “Where to go, where to vote?”. You’ll get a link. And, by the way, on the answer on marketing, I have discounted questions from the moderator including. We will try to prepare a form after the broadcast, where you can, if you have a proposal related to the development or marketing activities that you want to offer, and the company, we will prepare it. And you can also write to our moderator in the chat room Niconorovna. I think you know her, she works with bans, one of the moderators works in the marketing department. Here you can write directly to Ksenia your proposal. And to me, so she just signed: “Preferably with a calculated budget. That would be more targeted.” And this way you can get an answer much faster and you can help the Decimal team with some ideas, why not. Well, well, well. What other questions does Anatoly have for you? We’re an hour past the hour. Yes, I’m trying to choose some options.

Anatoly Berdnikov: Let’s stay a little bit longer and go over an hour to an hour and a half.

Konstantin Ponomariov: Tell me, here is a question from me, Anatoly, do you plan to open a chat room in your channel, where there is no site to open a chat room for communication or do we move it to the Decimal chat room? Where these initiatives can be discussed?

Anatoly Berdnikov: Yes, we will probably discuss Decimal in the Decimal chat room. I thought, what is the point of having a separate chat for all this, when we are all about price, Decimal, it’s all inside our chat room. So there is no point in putting it outside, shall we discuss it there? I think it will be a hot weekend.

Konstantin Ponomarev: I can give you a little trick to make sure that our messages to some people are accumulated and do not get mixed up with everyone else. You can use, if you have some big proposal that comes out at once, to keep it in the archives, a hashtag is not a big sign, let’s say, an initiative. Yes, and we can use these hashtags to collect at least this big clump of information so that it is easier to process, but at least to read. As an option, you can use it.

Konstantin Ponomarev: One of the questions is related to the English audience.  One of the users, we do not see that we use activity, that there is no activity of the English audience. I can say that according to our strategy now with the English audience is more communicating in Zelly and on Twitter, so there it is. First of all, we have an English moderator and in the Telegram chat, but there as you can see, the activity of those who are in text chats is not so big, and in Discord it is also there, but not as big as we would like. But we are working on it in any case. And one of the directions, one of the directions of work, is the English audience, foreign, including answers to the question about internationality, and not only, by the way, English.

Konstantin Ponomarev: Well, well, well. Your questions are not open, Anatoly, are they? There is also a chat room. Our users write that they are happy with the news, it’s wonderful that it lifts someone’s mood, it’s the kind of broadcasts that are created.

Anatoly Berdnikov: here is a good question I see in binance chat: can projects influence the price and take coins from the market? Yes, of course, absolutely. Wrong answer, I guess. To be more precise, the projects that are launched on the blockchain, they just accumulate the number of coins and give users the opportunity to turn their coins around and make some additional profit, let’s say on the same cryptocurrency trading, in the same farming, for example, right? And these are additional mechanics that increase the commodity turnover, precisely, exactly coins. Naturally, the higher the turnover of projects occurs, the more liquidity becomes. And from this, of course, the value increases. I think that I will end here, and therefore questions, if, Konstantin, we have no more questions.

Konstantin Ponomarev: Yes, I’m reading the questions, and I realize that we haven’t answered most of them. Here they are, about them. Other viewers, those who watch us, now you can directly in the chat telegram, if there is something current, write I see these questions. That’s how they ask me, what kind of moderator Xenia, this is not a moderator, this is the CMO of the marketing department, she, having considered your proposal, will be able to immediately build it into the strategic plan. So prepare your proposals, send them, we will be happy to familiarize ourselves with them.

Anatoly Berdnikov: Konstantin, I would like to ask you a question, and I’ve been thinking about it. After all, today we promised to talk about the price, about the value of the DEL coin. And since, unfortunately, there is no one to talk to in terms of and for those who wanted to ask a question, I decided to ask you a question. What do you think, here’s the value, the value of coins, the price of the Del coin, now it’s falling. A lot of people are asking the question, why aren’t the developers doing anything? Why aren’t the developers raising the price? I hear personally every day the question, “Are you planning to do something to make the price go up?”. I would like to know, Konstantin, what do you think we should do to make the price go up, what do our users, the community, what actions are expected? Dear viewers, if you’re actually interested in the question, here’s what you think, could you tell Konstantin, write in the chat, for example, binance live in the chat or in our chat, what we should do, so developers. Konstantin, please.

Konstantin Ponomariov: no one has responded yet, so it is up to me to answer. The developers of any project are in charge of keeping the project on track, keeping it alive and functioning. There are basic goals, strategic goals, and last time we talked about them, there is a plan that the company is following. This plan implies the presence of new projects, it implies collaborations with large companies, including those you are waiting for and some high-profile infoprovods. The price itself is interesting for those projects that come in, let’s say, at such a price. If the price rises sharply there, it may even stop some projects. And what do developers do? In any case, there is always work to attract new users. That is, a marketing plan or strategy that allows you to attract new users, to teach them: how to use, what to do on the blockchain in order for them to come up with such projects in order not to build a business or interact with a working tool. And first of all, developers, which I see at our meetings, Anatoly, work on the fact that there are always a lot of bugs, and they need to be fixed. Because if they do, the users who use the blockchain for its intended purpose will be dissatisfied in the first place, and for them it is a necessity of life. When something doesn’t work or something is dumbed down, and here’s the latest one in that the update on the visual display in the explorer of the rewards, yeah, here, that the developers fixed, that’s a lot of work. Even though it seems so simple, I mean, in words. But I’ve seen the amount of work that the developers have done to fix it, and what steps are being taken, in that, if one step forward is always looking for it to be. But I got something away from the question, as it were, puts off. But I left the question, what was he like, Anatoly?

Anatoly Berdnikov: You see how difficult it is to answer. What would you advise us developers, yourself, as a team member, to do in order for the price to go up?

Konstantin Ponomariov: to maintain a positive info background, i.e. to give more news that shows that the blockchain is developing, adapting to the current circumstances of the crypto market or our world in general. In addition, to connect new partners, new projects, to help users to use coins, that is, to buy back from the market in order to customize the interaction. To make someone buy up these coins, that is to find or show their prospectivity for large investment funds, some investors who come in and can see the investment attractiveness of this project in the future. What else? Well, you see, I’m of the opinion that developers, they think more, as I see it, with big categories, that is, such big steps, such small, well, not small, so as not to devalue our users. And let’s say, steps like, let’s keep the glass there, let’s say, on the exchange, will somehow cover, limit or something else, not allowing to sell, buy. They can only work symptomatically on short leverage. But to look a little step forward, and to build a strategy, here you need to take such large, such mammoth steps slowly. Anatoly, did I manage to answer this question?

Anatoly Berdnikov: it worked out, to answer, and I have a question right away, what do you think about lowering the APR, two and a half times?

Konstantin Ponomaryov: In any case, if there are any changes, I will adapt to them.

Anatoly Berdnikov: well, now a month plus or minus according to average calculations, somewhere around 7% per month steakage accrual, and APR is about 80-90-90, annualized. In my initiative of APR proposals, that is to reduce the annual steakage fee to 30%. Do you think this would be a positive, or how do you see this idea in general?

Konstantin Ponomarev: I think that this will weed out those people who came here purely to make money, for steaking, which will strengthen the pool of people who are behind the projects. So, well, well, on the other hand, it will be a little bit more difficult to attract new users, but on the other hand, again, plus, the target audience is changing a little bit. That is already and directed, that is, a different audience and will be attracted including our users. So here, it is more important how I will adapt, yes, because I like blockchain, I like it, I use it, and if there are some changes, yes, which can change the dynamics of the course, why don’t you, well, that is, in any case, this is a step, yes, which is one of the people I said, yes, to strengthen the pool of those people who are not only here for steaking.

Anatoly Berdnikov: if I understand correctly what you are saying, yes.  About the first thing, well in any case we need to adapt, to the outside world, so we need to change our work structure in order to adapt to the current state of affairs and to the current economy, everything, in order to carry some changes, real changes, in order for there to be changes. Right? Yes. And what do you think, Konstantin, if there is no trade on P2P, with Del coin, how could that affect? Not on the price, but in general.  Well, there are actually two aspects here, first, on the price and second, on the audience, that is, directly on our community. Well, let’s say we leave the trading pair exclusively on the spot, and from P2P we remove any trading regarding Del.

Konstantin Ponomarev: I think it will be positive for users, because those who trade on P2P, they do not study cryptocurrency much, because to trade on a spot, you need to understand at least the basics: what the blockchain is, how it works, where the transaction hash is.

Anatoly Berdnikov: And then they just won’t. Here we may lose some market share of traders who will leave the market and stop making money on P2P trading, don’t you think?

Konstantin Ponomariov: well, it is… I would like to call speculators, but it is not. That is, many people use P2P, and I myself use it often, when the easiest way for me to go straight into fiat or from fiat to cryptocurrency. But as practice shows, those who understand, it is much more profitable to trade via spot. That’s it in terms of money, in terms of commissions, in terms of everything else. Yeah, not as fast, but a lot more profitable. That’s for those who only trade P2P. And as for the fact that they will leave, well, if they leave, another P2P will appear. Anatoly, it seems to me that there will be no way without it, there will be intra-chat P2P, some kind of, that is, users will organize themselves, there will be a system of guarantors. It’s just a system of guarantors, you can’t go anywhere without it. It’s part of the market.

Anatoly Berdnikov: well, that’s good.

Konstantin Ponomariov: probably, yes.

Anatoly Berdnikov: it will develop the market, it will move forward, well, or subdegrade, which is probably the second question. Because I was just considering the closure of the P2P market and I was studying the market conditions, in this format, yes, and I saw that yes there is no market at all, nowhere, as well as these guarantors, this is long forgotten in the distant past, when we were still trading about 8 years ago, yes. These guarantors were here, and the only P2P market that lives is on Trezor, I think. Because it has a practical application of cross-border transfers directly, yes, but not on other currencies, so here is such a question, do you think?

Konstantin Ponomariov: I am not ready, it is difficult to answer. There are a lot of factors here, yes, in any case, you need to conduct, well, I would start by analyzing the P2P market of the exchange, yes. And here, rather, you have access, Anatoly, in order to make some steps, yes, to analyze it. That is, to understand what kind of audience it is, what kind of volumes it gives, that is, and to understand what we are giving up, because if something else is for it, then something must appear. Is it going to appear by itself or is it necessary to adjust something, that is, to make a bed for those users who will be dissatisfied that P2P has disappeared, let’s say, yes. Or it will be different.

Anatoly Berdnikov: Well, in conclusion, perhaps, of our AMA session, yes, and I would like to say that the minimum price or the bottom price, as they say, yes, for us means that it is time to act. And I am always in favor of such methods, when it is necessary to act radically, to change everything radically, and to take some radical measures in order to fundamentally change the situation. And in fact, dear friends, viewers and users, I would like to say that now our team is in the right mood and in the right position to take radical action in the form of APR changes, in the form of tokenomics changes, in the form of disabling P2P and the like. I am not saying that we will do all of this, of course, we will do it exclusively through voting only. So I ask you all to leave your vote when this vote takes place, otherwise the changes will pass without you and will be exactly as we want them to be, because we will be voting, thank you all, I suggest we call it a day, Konstantin.

Konstantin Ponomariov: yes, Anatoly, how smoothly he took over the role of host. But I hope you also liked my answers, dear users, well, I didn’t prepare for them, so I answered as I answered. I may be wrong about something, I may be right about something, perhaps, here, well, this is my position. We are happy that we are watched by 1,000 people, Anatoly, even though an hour and twenty hours have passed, but the number of users is only growing. The questions that we have not answered, if you still want an answer to them, you can write them in the chat, duplicate them. We’ll write, we’ll answer them in written format. I will also look at more questions that may require an answer, and I will answer them in chat, I will copy them and answer them, here.

Konstantin Ponomariov: don’t forget that we are on all social networks, and answering the question of one of the validators, one of the users, why do we lose positions in Certik, what should we do to get back? And including social networks to develop, Certik is looking at how the community develops, where people subscribe, and one of the steps you can do to move up a few points in this monitoring is to subscribe to all the remaining social networks.  We duplicate them in each post, and you can choose a convenient one and follow the news from the convenient social network.

Konstantin Ponomariov: so, short, I will still answer a few questions briefly, which can be answered immediately. One user did not find the Spacebot validator in Explorer. It is the very first one, I see, Nadezhda, it is at the very top in the “Validator” tab, you may have missed it.

Konstantin Ponomarev: so about the history of blockchain creation, it is already how the idea came about, in one of the AMA sessions we had an answer to this question, I remember that Anatoly already answered this question. If you remind me, I will discount this broadcast in the chat, it is here on binance live among other things, there is also on youtube.

Konstantin Ponomarev: I will run through the questions, well, I plan to finish here. Thank you, Anatoly, for answering the questions. Thank you, Anatoly, for asking questions, it was a pleasure to have a dialog with you, and thank you for writing your questions and for being involved in the development of blockchain. That’s all for now. Thank you for the broadcast. I’m going to disconnect.

Anatoly Berdnikov: Thank you all.