AMA-session with Decimal CEO Anatoly Berdnikov from 22.02.24. Text format.

On February 22, Binance hosted an AMA session with Anatoly Berdnikov, CEO of Decimal. As promised, we prepared the AMA-session in text format for those who didn’t have a chance to watch it or it’s just more convenient. Konstantin Ponomaryov and Anatoly Berdnikov were the hosts of the broadcast. A detailed transcript of the broadcast … Read more

DEL price prediction from market experts

Remember the post about MEXC, which set the course for Decimal’s development with an emphasis on economic and media components? Well, what’s a development course without a course? 📌 You have often asked what the exchange rate will be in an hour, a day or in 5 years, and received the answer that Decimal team … Read more