AMA session with Decimal CEO Anatoly Berdnikov. Text format.

On February 8, Binance hosted an AMA session with Anatoly Berdnikov, CEO of Decimal. As promised, we prepared the AMA-session in text format for those who didn’t have a chance to watch it or it’s just more convenient.

Konstantin Ponomaryov and Anatoly Berdnikov were the hosts of the broadcast. A detailed transcript of the broadcast follows.

Konstantin: Well, Anatoly, let’s begin. The time is 21:00. People are joining in.  We already have 493 people online. Fix the camera. Oh, great. Oh, a whopping 100 plus people are logged in, apparently everyone set a reminder, which is great. Because we have an ama session with Decimal’s CEO Anatoly Berdnikov today. Sound check at the same time.

Anatoly: Yes, greetings Konstantin, greetings dear viewers. Is everything all right with the sound?

Konstantin: Yes, everything is fine. Dear viewers, write to us in the chat on binance whether we are well heard, seen. And we will continue. In the meantime, I welcome everyone who has joined us on the air. A week ago we had a heated conversation with the CEO of Decimal in the Decimal chat rooms, where it was decided to hold an ama-session dedicated to answering your questions. It’s going to be a series of broadcasts. You heard right. Because through the google form that we attached to the announcement of the ama session you left more than 60 questions. And physically we won’t have time to answer them. We plan to hold the ama session in the neighborhood of 1 hour. So today we will choose the most questions that we think are interesting for this time and if your questions on this air were not voiced, we will move them to the next ama session. I have a moderator on call who will also monitor your questions and send them to me. I have a list of questions and I will duplicate them to you, Anatoly, just in case. And I’ll answer the question right away – will there be a recording. Yes, there will be a recording on Binance live and we will also keep a recording for ourselves to transcribe the text so that our English-speaking users can also get answers to their questions. Anatoly, how are you? Are you ready for the broadcast, haven’t gone live in front of users for a long time?

Anatoly: Konstantin, actually, every time I’m always nervous and it’s as if I’m going on live TV for the first time. So to say that I’m ready – probably not. I can never get used to it. I should probably go on air more often. We have an unexpectedly large number of live viewers today. There will be a tape, though.

Konstantin: So, you are also doing well with the sound. I have divided all the questions from the audience into some categories, which are related to the marketing sphere, our stablecoin, which will soon appear, tokenization, of course price issues, EVM platform, DAO. There are also some interesting questions that relate to blockchain history and functionality, and also questions on the initiative that you, Anatoly, posted not too long ago. And I will start with a question about EVM, because this is the nearest thing in the development perspective, such a high-profile one that will appear in the blockchain, and let me remind you, by the way, Anatoly, it will be good if you, either during the broadcast, or already after the broadcast, the questions that you liked the most, or you memorized them, please mark them somehow, so that I can immediately record that you liked it. Those users who are marked by us on the air will receive one thousand DEL from us. The prize budget for each ama-session will be 100 dollars, so all your questions that you have intelligently formulated, the most interesting ones will be gifted, well, and on EVM, the first question from Pavel Novosely: with the transition to EVM blockchain, decimalchain will become more attractive for developers of all stripes. Are large companies expected to come to Decimal in this regard, which will collect the surplus DEL coins from the market, maybe negotiations are already underway?

Anatoly: Good question. Well, first of all, EVM started to become friends with Decimal blockchain a year ago. We implemented a virtual machine to implement blockchain smart contracts a year ago, and in fact, when we added it, we left the old functionality to work on Cosmos, and then in the middle of last year, we realized that it was not necessary to do so and decided to rework the entire structure so that the full functionality would work on EVM.  What for. So that we could interact with all wallets, with the entire infrastructure, which is already built in WEB 3 space. With Metamask, with Trust wallet and with many steel wallets, so that those currencies, those coins that have been created… algorithmic…, they can work in the EVM space. For this purpose, we will now prepare a big update, and this update is planned to be already in TestNet in February, that is practically in a week or two will be in TestNet and everyone will be able to test. Moreover, we will organize bug bounty, who will help us in testing, we will definitely reward those people. We will definitely do that. And I think that already in March it will be fully working, that in March we will do the blockchain update and all other coins will work on the EVM system. And what I would like to say about the second part of the question – are any big companies expected to come? Yes, we do. We are already negotiating with 3 big companies and the negotiations are positive. With one company we have already signed a contract, with the second company we are now in the process of discussing our contract and have already reached the finish line – signing, and with the third – the contract in principle sounds like a memorandum of intentions, but after the launch we will definitely move to the process of preparing the contract. That is all for now, I think I have answered that question.

Konstantin: Yes. I immediately got a question from the Binance Live chat – “how to be a tester?”. In the blockchain, go to, in the explorer you will be able to select the blockchain display type – Testnet and through it you can already test all the functionality. Am I correct, Anatoly, correct me?

Anatoly: Yes, Konstantin, that’s right. But we will additionally notify and will probably even make a whole game scenario in this matter, so that there will be more interest.

Konstantin: Yes, we will certainly make a separate announcement. Here’s a question regarding EVM: When using EVM, can transaction fees and execution times change?

Anatoly: No, the commission cannot change. It can only change if you change the structure of the blockchain, and again, changes to the blockchain or the structure of the blockchain that affect external economic dependencies, they can only be applied with the consent of the commission. We will probably talk about this issue a little bit later, at the end of our broadcast. We will also talk about the initiative and the consent of the community – how it can be realized.

Konstantin: Then a question from Alekseev 74, which exactly concerns those partners of the future: “which projects, in your opinion, should be first of all offered cooperation on the basis of Decimal after the launch of EVM and how Decimal community can already help these companies to become our partners.

Anatoly: what to say about it, but actually the whole community that came in the beginning, it came in fact… well, someone came on the idea, someone came on a short position to make money, there through trading, through selling, through trading. It’s a normal phenomenon, it’s the cryptoworld. That’s how the cryptoworld lives, and someone there by recommendation made money and something else. And those who came with an ideology, just for the ideology, for the idea that we created in blockchain, just those users are helping, and we believe that it is not just a desire, even a commitment of those people to help their community, to help their project develop and to attract other projects so that they can collaborate. And there are no specific projects, there are niches that we lack, for example, NFT, we lack marketplaces, decentralized NFT marketplaces. It would be great if someone from the community could help us, or maybe someone from the community of our users could help us with any other project. Any help in collaborations, it will be a great big step from the community towards the project. Because the project has already become, it’s already crossed that line where it was originally our brainchild, and now it’s become a brainchild, in the state of the community, now it’s in that stage, actually. Then we in our shared blockchain with the community can’t change anything without the community’s consent, so I think and the team also thinks that it’s a community asset, that’s it.

Konstantin: Since you started talking about NFTs, tell me Anatoly, a question from Evgrafanton, will it be possible in the future to create NFTs with multiple tokens created on the Decimal blockchain?

Anatoly: We are currently reworking the NFT system, porting this NFT creation module to the EVM space, and we have included a few changes. First of all, we will have SOUL BOUND TOKEN in NFT. We will have 720, 721 protocols and 1155. Moreover, IPFS, a protocol where storage will not be on servers as it was before, will be implemented immediately. And about provisioning. At the moment we have NFT collateral in custom coin. And because we are in a hurry to make an update sooner rather than later, we have not included in this update, the provisioning of multiple coins, or ERC tokens, that is already DRC and DRC 20. Unfortunately, but for the moment. But we’ll make note of that in the next updates and we’ll try to do that. Again it is not excluded the fact that if suddenly for someone case requires these updates, we will try to fit in this update as well. Then the update will not go as planned, unfortunately.

Konstantin: Well, it’s more about the future. I think the user is interested to know just how their business is tied to NFT. Here is one of the questions, also related to this, whether it will be possible to insert NFT when creating a check. That is to write it into the check. Has that idea been considered at all.

Anatoly: No, we have not considered it. We have not come across these cases that this is possible. But, if it is required, please write to our support and we will definitely consider it. Or write in chat and mark me, as you can see I am always in chat. We’ll discuss it, together, with the whole chat and with the haters too, whether it’s a good idea or not.

Konstantin: And on the last question, one of the questions of the same user who writes that it is difficult to manually create checks one by one, it would be cool to make a thousand checks with different passwords with one click. I can tell you right away that the functionality of the console allows you to do it. And you can find the instruction in the playlist of our YouTube channel “how to create checks”. And there I show how you can make a large number of checks uploaded at once. So take advantage of that. This functionality is already ready.

Anatoly: I would like to add, Konstantin, regarding checks, that in the upcoming update, which is planned, the theme of checks will be redesigned, there will be an improved version.

Konstantin: Great. We will redo the manual and there will be an updated manual when there is new functionality. The question on EVM is so unusual. In the near future EVM should be replaced by an improved analog of EVASM machine. Will Decimal move further in this direction as well.

Anatoly: Yes. We are a little bit out of step with all the updates in the crypto world. But we would not really want to keep up, because we are in the blockchain for specific purposes. And those purposes, they are just in the direction of tokenization directly. And if we run after all the innovations of the crypto world, and the innovations of the crypto world, by the way, with the course of 2-3 years only recognized by people, but this is already from my own observation. You say something, and after 2 years people just say, “Oh, that’s what you’re talking about. Oh, that’s cool. That’s what we would use right now.” I think that probably, yes, it would if it’s appropriate and in time. But at this point in time, we haven’t really looked at innovating and introducing any innovations into our blockchain yet.

Konstantin: I think the question is on topic. I will answer one part, I will ask you Anatoly to answer the second part. Did the Decimal team manage to create and implement the software products specified in the roadmap for 2023, user svetnes. Dear user or dear user. In the beginning of January we had articles devoted to the results of 2023, where just such we wrote down – what we managed to achieve, what was carried over to the next year, what changes there were. And get acquainted, I think you will definitely like it. And the second part of the question, Anatoly – How difficult is it to implement this at a difficult time for everyone?

Anatoly: I just wanted to say that last year was very difficult. There was a big fall, we were rescuing, somehow helping the market, we lost everything, literally. We lost our main developers, we were left without developers, basically we had three developers at the beginning of the year on the blockchain. And then we re-found new developers, we found a new team, we rebuilt the structure. After the last team, sorting out all the junk, and that took longer. And we heard a lot of negativity in our direction, which was also demotivating and we still hear it. And so on and so forth. And last year must have been really tough. And this year is also not the best, in fact, it’s still starting in general, but even taking into account all this, we have launched and prepared a lot of things for the start. And February and March are two months that will be really awesome in terms of releases that we have planned. Follow our news, follow the blockchain, and you will see for yourself.

Konstantin: Thank you. I found an interesting question from our regular viewer zelenin_fit, who always writes questions and I’m already used to his nickname. This is an unusual question – Is there any possibility in the future to make it possible to operate the wallet without access to the Internet?

Anatoly: We actually had such a function, called broadcast. It is in the console. For three years, for three years, we have used the function maybe 20 times in total, and probably only 10 times out of which we as a team checked its operability. That’s why there was no such task yet, whether we need such a function or not, there was no interest. If it appears, we will do it. There are plans on how to realize it. That is, we have an understanding of this task. We understand the plan.

Konstantin: Thank you.  So, let’s move smoothly to marketing. A few questions, they have a similar message, it can be asked directly as follows – Why Decimal team does not tokenize famous bloggers or why does not send them a proposal for tokenization. And it can be traced in several questions, immediately such a subtext – and if there is some ready instruction, how tokenize blogging and how to use tokens, for this. Users in this way show where the applicability there are coins in order to now bring them to the market and the popularity of the blockchain will be higher. How do you answer this question?

Anatoly: I was just thinking and thinking how to divide, so that today everything is not mixed up and try to answer, to convey my thoughts – what I want to convey exactly. Team Decimal. Let’s deal with this concept. Who is Team Decimal? Decimal team is me, Konstantin you, right? 6 other developers. 3 people in marketing, marketing department, 1 lawyer, 1 accountant, 1 person responsible for office cleaning and that’s probably all. There’s no one else. I guess so. I feel like I’m forgetting someone. 🙂 What I’m getting at is that the Decimal team can’t, frankly, go broke, get everything done. Can’t work with bloggers. Why? Because the Decimal team is very small. And it can’t expand because Team Decimal doesn’t have the ability, the financial means to expand. Why? Because Decimal doesn’t sell its coins. We work two jobs to make a living on one and to develop Decimal on the other. That’s kind of how it works. If it is so important, we are always gladly ready to either accept those who will do it, or somehow help us to solve this issue. So if someone in the audience thinks that we are making millions, no, we are not. We are ordinary guys sitting in an office in Moscow and this office is famous. And we just do what we can do. And when we have time, we agree on some new ones. Quite recently, we had a business developer who was working on business cases. But he changed his mind, decided to leave for a better-paying job, and we can’t afford more people. Not yet. In fact, I tried to tell you why we don’t. And I’ve told it honestly. I could, of course, make something up, but I think it’s pointless.

Konstantin: Thank you. Thank you for your answer. I will probably add here with your permission that I will try to make a video on tokenization, which touches, precisely, the topic of blogging, in order to be able to offer some options on examples of existing projects, how it can be done. There is a question from V_Belikov, who has a business in the b2b sector. He is engaged in direct sales of goods for the home. And he has to meet with the head of one company soon. And he has a question regarding the collaboration. So he’s basically asking, how do I get in to see him? Or here is a question for you Anatoly, what would be your strong arguments for a business leader who wants to somehow get in touch with cryptocurrency and blockchain in order to integrate Decimal blockchain into his business processes? Superficially, can you outline how you approach someone who has a desire to tokenize their business in some way?

Anatoly: As a manager, I also play the role of a business developer, and many key, let’s say, collaborations take place with my participation. And more precisely, it starts with the fact that as a manager, I address them. And when I address someone in the company, I say that we have software that can automate, help in the development of digitalization of your enterprise, and our software is built on DLT-technologies, namely blockchain and work with the help of smart contracts. And then we’re already starting to talk about how we can benefit from that? That’s what I’m doing. How do you do it? I can’t tell you, actually, I don’t even know.

Konstantin: Thank you, your opinion has been heard. Question from Alexandr75003 – “I know that you are a member of the government circle.” Interesting. “I would like to ask the following? Are the higher echelons of government interested in blockchain? Do they know about the promising DEL coin and the Decimal blockchain?”

Anatoly: First of all, I work in the public organization Opora Russia, as deputy chairman of the Investment and Innovation Committee. I fulfill the role of a public figure, connecting real business, generally helping. And on the basis of this, as a public figure, I am in working groups under the Moscow government. There I fulfill the role of a public figure and represent the interests of small and medium-sized businesses. And I also represent the interests of our blockchain, that is, the cryptocurrency world, as the owner and creator of the blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange in another working group under the Moscow government – “digital economy and blockchain economy”. Of course, I talk and talk about it, and naturally, other entrepreneurs are interested because of this. Officials, they are also interested. Moreover, I will even tell you that the central bank knows very well about our exchange, about our blockchain, and more than that. Because we repeatedly went and explained what we were doing during inspections, especially when we were blocked by mistake, or rather blacklisted by the Central Bank. When we had to show and prove that everything was legitimate and that everything was within the law. So, yes, we tell about it. Yes, he is interested. And now it is exactly the trend when officials in the state as a whole are very eager to understand and are interested in what it is, how it works and why. And I try to work in this direction as much as possible.

Konstantin: Thank you. Very informative interesting answer. I found a question from antontsaliev. I think I will answer it. “There is a desire to tokenize the daily business.” And the question, “if there is any tutorial or example of how to do it step by step, that the full picture does not appear after watching our videos.” I can tell you that we have chat rooms for that. You can easily start discussing or bring up an idea like this and just write like this and say, guys, how would you tokenize or how would you implement a token or use it in such and such or a similar project. At the same time other people can pick up your idea and somehow do something and also you can answer your questions. I don’t think there will be a ready instruction, because it always depends on different business and always different business processes. There are only similar more or less mechanics. You can see them in our projects that are now working on the Decimal blockchain. I have a question from Pashakobby – “Anatoly, are there any plans to bridge and interact with all the other top blockchains on the Decimal blockchain?”.

Anatoly: We have a blockchain bridge that works one way. And we made back in December a crosschain bridge that is compatible with EVM. In different directions that allows you to issue coins, but we didn’t put it into release because the EVM space was not fully developed. Once we update the blockchain and we have it fully working on the EVM space coins are algorithmic. Included in this same update is the introduction of a new bridge. This bridge will allow many blockchains to work both ways, including the creation of derivatives, that is, wrapped tokens in our blockchain. For example, a coin has been created in BNB, let it be BUSD. And this coin can be sent to our blockchain through this bridge and a derivative will appear, where on one side it will be blocked and on the other side there will be a wrapped token BUSD, which will move inside the loop of our blockchain. And thereby filling up the liquidity and it can be sent back to any users as well.

Konstantin: So, yes, it will be, thank you. Hello to you, Anatoly from the support of Russia Tobolsk, in the chat on binance live message. So, I see the question that is repeated several times. Also, user Pashakobby has it. “What grants are there for realizing an idea on the Decima blockchain?”. Tell us more about grants, Anatoly, about grants, how this system generally works now and who to interact with. To make it clear to users.

Anatoly: We had several grant directions. And the first direction was to help validators to deploy the node. The second direction was assistance in creating the project. We allocated grants for tickers, bought out some. We bought out startup issues of coins. That is at the expense of the team’s coins. That’s what we’re doing. And we’ve also gotten grants. There have been a couple of failures when we still had money, we allocated it to build projects. And there is the last grant for some fundamental projects. We allocated for them… we deployed, for example, DEX – we’ll talk about them later, we deployed validators for them. And we delegated coins, so that at this point, when the project is launched, then we can give coins to the validator to support this project. There were no more grants yet.

Konstantin: Thank you. I’m getting lost among the questions here. I’ll ask short ones for now in order to look for more. Regarding DAO. Anatoly, can you tell me when the next round of DDAO exchange will be launched?

Anatoly: The last round was not closed.  That is, the number of users was not generated. Then we closed the round through our team’s coins. We reworked the technical part of the DAO infrastructure, because we found a lot of flaws. We reworked the white paper a little bit and decided to develop a charter. We made an organizational chart, we described how it should be. And in general, we did a lot of work with analysts. By the way, I forgot to mention that we have two more analysts in our team who help to write and develop new projects, new features like that. All of them have done that. But for some reason we never got to a launch, why. All because we were busy, of course, implementing and preparing for smart contracts and the transition, because the whole DAO is going to be built on smart contracts. We made the decision that we would do the relocation update at the beginning. And after the relocation, we will start the process of further implementing the DAO and opening the next round at the token. It is expected that we will start as early as June. We will start the development of the DAO itself. And it would be very desirable to launch the start of the round on DDAO in April-May. That’s it.

Konstantin: The announcement will be of course. Interesting question about DAO as well. “Decimal is gradually moving towards DAO, which will define the future of Decimal in many ways. However, for today and the near future I think it is your visions and your teams that are the determining factor. Share how you see Decimal in a year, two, five years from now. ”

Anatoly: I would like to start from the general and come to the specific. And to say that… When we initially plan something, and build some kind of strategy, some kind of plan. Very often on the way of creating this plan or developing a strategy that we are already implementing, new adjustments come, the blockchain world is changing very strongly and quickly. And trends change very quickly, people’s moods change very quickly as well. And you have to adapt along the way. So to answer specifically from infrastructure or something is very difficult to answer that we want to see. But I will answer that what I would like to see personally. Like this is what I originally saw us launching. Initially we were launching a blockchain that would run and tokenize real assets, where people would create coins and those coins, where those coins would be used for the project. Later on we realized that this idea it not feasible without additional mechanics. Defi-mechanics, bridges and DEX architecture. And we tried to do our best to make it happen. And at the moment we’re just at the finish line, the month of February and March, which we’ve been working towards for the last, probably, year and a half that we’ve been planning. And starting in February of this year will be the year that we will be releasing – new products, I guess, that I may have forgotten to mention, that will fundamentally change the idea of what we’re used to. Those people who are used to blockchain. We’ll be launching new products that will call new strategy, new thoughts, new ideas for our users to use our blockchain. And that’s the end of it.

Konstantin: Thank you. Question also about DAO, since we are communicating here. From Vadimbrig. “The holder of the main native token of DDAO at the moment are the developers and you as CEO. Do you think your team can give time around 24 hours for the community to whoever wishes to buy back DDAO to see more fully the picture of interest in Decimal development, making some decisions in the future.”  Basically, the question is, can the Decimal team not participate in the DDAO buyout, in the time period of 24 hours?

Anatoly: We can basically not participate there and give our users the opportunity to try to generate tokens to manage themselves for as long as they like. The very understanding of the word redeem is when you give money to someone, I guess, and get a token for it. But it’s not like that, you generate those tokens, and the DEL that you give, you put into a smart contract, and it doesn’t go anywhere, not to the developers, not to the team, not to anyone. It also stays yours in the form of just DDAO tokens. So generate it, not redeem it. And yes, no problem as much time as we’re willing to allocate, and we do that anyway. And last round when we launched generation, we gave ample opportunity. I could be wrong, but I think we gave a month for generation, right, Konstantin?

Konstantin: Yeah, yeah.

Anatoly: Well, here we were giving. Then we were forced to close the rounds, and naturally, we generated tokens. DEL, we were sending to a smart contract and we were getting DDAOs. That was it. Because we wanted to participate in the DAO decision as well. Konstantin, next question.

Konstantin: Thank you. Other questions, colleagues, that you have asked, regarding DAO, I see such short questions, what is the application, and so on. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the DAO White Paper, where this information, these questions that you are asking – it is there. And we will not waste time on this now, I think. On the contrary, I wish you a pleasant reading to familiarize yourself with this document, it was written for a reason. Such an unusual question. From the user evladosai – “Why the company does not consider the idea of creating an equity fund in the company and it is not clear the strategic goal of the company?”. The user explains that for long-term investors, it would be much more interesting than money here now. Yes, how can you, Anatoly, as a strategist, and I know you are a strategist, explain the strategic goal of the company.

Anatoly: That’s a good question that confuses me.

Constantine: Yes, it’s very complex.

Anatoly: The company’s strategy was as follows. We were producing a product. And our product was an ecosystem. An economic system, if I may call it that. An ecosystem in which a user can play with cryptocurrency on the Defi market, create tokens, and use them in the real world. And our strategy was the following. Those who at the very beginning went into the blockchain, which means they went into the blockchain, that is, they paid attention, they started using the blockchain. Maybe bought and DEL coins or got, somehow these coins, steak. Why is there a big, big percentage of steaking at the very beginning of the period. Because in our strategy we laid the following, that first of all, those who will come to the idea will come. And they will help and develop our blockchain together. But, our strategy tolerates a little, probably, difficulties that we originally conceived. But it remains unchanged. We work onward, we build the blockchain, we refine, we launch products regardless of the market value of the DEL coin. Although for some people it is important. For the team, I’ll answer right away it’s not important. I guess we will move on to discussing the value of Del and all the claims, because we are a team, we have to do, and what exactly is unclear and what the team promised to someone, somehow that you will make money here or maybe something else. We will discuss this issue with the next AMA session. We will discuss the fundamental things on the same broadcast. So back to the question of strategy, because our strategy was built on the creation of blockchain and the development of blockchain. And for the first three years, we planned what we were going to create. And we’re creating this blockchain, it’s going to be a fundamental thing. And next year and 2025, will be years of development. We’re not going to be focused on creating the product, we’re going to be focused on developing the product. And at this point now there is already a lot of interest from other players in the market, not only blockchain, but the real world in using our blockchain. I will probably share about that a little bit later not today. For example, today I spent the whole day in a meeting with a big corporate player in Russia who is interested in our blockchain. And products on our blockchain that are already starting to work. We will come to that a little bit later, I guess. Thank you.

Konstantin: Thank you for answering such a difficult question. And it will probably be marked as an interesting question.

Anatoly: Yeah, I guess so.

Constantine: The question that got you thinking, on the air even more excited. I think so.

Anatoly: By the way, yes, as a matter of fact.

Konstantin: You have the list of questions, Anatoly, and after the broadcast I will ask you to take a look at the questions I asked. I have marked them in order to choose the most interesting ones for you, in order to give 1000 DEL to the users. And if you find it necessary to answer some questions in written format, if you have time, you can do it as well. Well, or at the next ama-session, of course, we will address these questions as well. There are a lot of questions related to the so-called initiative, which not so long ago, last week, a few days ago even, Anatoly, you shared your thoughts and talked about the options that you see, possible options to change something, to do something and even held some voting. Could you please explain around this initiative, about your thoughts, what are your thoughts now, after these actions?

Anatoly: As I said earlier, I was in a meeting all day today. I didn’t even look at my phone and I had 80-90, unanswered messages on there. Half an hour before the broadcast I came to the office to spend, yes, I want to come in to see, with your permission, what’s going on with the voting, frankly. Oh, 191 people had voted. The vote was in my channel, I specifically created it to share thoughts, ideas, and not on behalf of the company, but as an individual contributor like you, who is as worried as you are about blockchain. And in the vote I asked the question – Do you think we can accept the document with the list of voting changes? Of the 192 people who voted, 48% said – yes, completely. 9% – no completely, and 43% yes, partially. I’m actually glad to see that more of them said, “yes, in full.” Because I actually nurtured this plan for almost a year, this idea. And after a year, I wrote an article about it, posted it on my channel. Go to the channel, and you don’t have to subscribe, just at least go in, read the initiatives. See how many, who voted how and vote too. It’s just a test vote really, just to see how many of us caring people want to change something. Why? Because at the moment I’m looking at, we have 1,000 people watching our broadcast. It would be very interesting actually to have that 1,000 people who are watching this also vote on whether or not to implement these changes or not. Take 15 minutes, please, study the initiative and vote. It doesn’t obligate you to anything, there will be no changes without the consent of the community, without some kind of full-fledged voting through the DDAO token – there will be no changes, because the process of formation of the DAO itself is already starting. And we as developers will not be able to allow such a luxury to change the structure that we originally made without the community’s consent. If you want, I can go into more detail about the initiative and the points that I will address in the initiative, especially the hottest issue is cutting steaking in half, where the APR at the moment we have 80-90% percent per year. I proposed to change the APR, that is, the mining of steaking, to the current, get it down to 30% percent per year, because I think that would be a more measured calculation from all the calculations that we’ve done and all the analysis that we’ve done with the analysts, that’s the best economic model that can lead to a shortage of coins with the dynamics of usage that are happening. That’s the first thing. The second thing is proper accrual. When a block reward occurs – everything is redistributed to the coins that are deallocated. I think this is exactly the point that screws up the whole picture in terms of assets, because the asset itself is DEL – I don’t take it as a financial asset. I take it as an integral part of our software. For some people, it may be money or someone may perceive it somehow. That perception is subjective, really, and it doesn’t go against the picture of our world, the strategy and the thought that we’ve created. That’s why I propose to make a cut on APR, to make a redistribution change. Now is the time when we need to adapt to the external pressure of the market and all the changes – economic, political. In order to stay afloat it is the projects. The most interesting point is that if suddenly the price drops to zero, the price drops to zero, there will be no scam and everyone thinks that everything is a scam, because our project is not built around the price, the price is not important to us. And there are very important nuances here, that this very moment of changing the percentages of accrual, it will just allow to cut off those who ran after the price. Who needed that price, because it’s not clear to me, but how is this — you mine steaking and the price goes down. Why then are you here when steaking doesn’t cover that price, why then are you here dear user, for what. I’ll give you an example, actually, there’s this ATOM coin and COSMOS blockchain – cool guys. We built our blockchain on their idea and I like to follow other blockchains and they have already held the second vote in two years on changes to levelize the cost and including the changes and the community made that decision. And I would really like to ask you, please vote, I would like to know how our community will accept these changes. This is a test vote. Thank you for voting. Konstantin, thank you for your question.

Konstantin: Well, where to vote – in the Telegram chat, you can go to our chat, we have links in the captions under this broadcast. Since some time Binance has banned direct links, so they are written in a shortened format, you can go to a Russian or English channel and write “tell me where to vote” – other users will send or forward this message to you. Because this is a separate channel of Anatoly Berdnikov, with his thoughts. Well, in fact, Anatoly, there are a lot of questions here, such as the question of discussing this initiative, that is, there is a proposal here, and some doubts, questions, they are written inside, it is very difficult to ask them here, so I recommend that you just read it later, maybe you will have some thoughts and you will want to answer at the next ama-session or in the chat. Well, and we are nearing the end of our time, we planned an hour, because Anatoly works all day long, and he needs to get enough sleep first of all, because when the CEO of a company gets enough sleep, it is rare, but when he gets enough sleep, he is happy and everyone around him is happy.  This kind of question, I think for the finale, from byPodivilov – “Why does Decimal have a future?” That’s exactly why. I think it’s a great question for the finale of today’s ama-session.

Anatoly: First of all, Decimal is a figment of my imagination. And it’s… Well, it’s my life’s work. We do everything according to the strategy and the plan. We adapt in a timely manner and try to release new updates when we need to. And we hope to be noticed by the big companies, among others. And we have already been noticed by big companies with billions of users. And these companies you will soon find out, and what things we have prepared for our audience with them. So there is a future because there are developers, because there is an ideology and there are users who are ready to use. And blockchain will work and it will never go away as long as the blockchain or the project has at least one or two users. So it will always have a future. So that’s the question I wanted to finish with. And I would like to say about the initiative. I read, we have our user, our colleague with the nickname man_n_black, who asked a number of questions… with your permission, Konstantin, I will read it.

Konstantin: Yes, of course.

Anatoly: Thank you. “Would it be worthwhile if we make the conditions the same for everyone. That is, we don’t need to give a quota to wallets that will receive the 6% steaking.” Honestly, dear colleague man_n_black, I don’t know your name, but here are all the questions that you wrote and the suggestions that you have, they are all in the initiative. I’m going to go through it real quick. And in this initiative, I’ve put all the answers to your questions that I propose to do. And, I’ll be honest, those questions, they are there, present and changes, suggestions for changes. I respect your question and I even support your proposal. So I’ll go through, and for those who haven’t read the initiative, please read it. And it describes it all there. The first question is “it is reasonable to make the terms and conditions the same for everyone.” That is, that accruals should be, let’s say at the moment, 6%. If all coins are not reserved, then everyone has 7%. Of course yes, this is in the initiative and there is an answer to this – my suggestion too. Second question. “There’s an idea to go the opposite way, make the steaking percentage 2-3% to everybody. And every year increase by half a percent.” But first of all, I suggested making the steakage percentage 2-3% to everyone. That’s a cut in the percentages. Half of the audience took it in stride. But to increase by half a percent a year – you can think, of course, if the community has an opinion on it, it can be calculated economically. If you economically offer some model, some mathematical calculation that will give specifics, then yes, we will be happy to consider it. That would be cool. Third. “There is a need to burn coins competently. I’m sure there are mechanisms.” Yes, there are mechanisms that burn coins. And if we burn all the coins, then what’s the point of our blockchain, why would it work, how would it reward users, how would it generate incentives to use the blockchain if we burn all the coins. There will be one and a half coins, and we will divide those coins by 10s. There’s a lot to discuss. We have a lot of people in the chat room who like to discuss, especially at night. The next question is, “Can we keep the bubble from inflating?” There is no bubble. There are people who are promising money here. So I guess those questions are for those people who are promising money. We promise that those coins that you have, you will always be able to use in our blockchain. That’s what I said at the beginning. And if you stack them, you’ll have more of them. Of course, you can then sell them to someone on the market. Our blockchain is listed on several exchanges. There are buyers, sellers, everyone has their own incentives and motivations. There are traders who buy cheaply and sell expensively, there are stakeholders who steak, there are investors who invest in infrastructure development, make projects on the blockchain, and somehow extract money from this by manipulating coins. It’s all there, and investors are investing in their projects, in their developers and so on. And the last thing is “let’s get people with projects, they’re money hungry.” I completely agree with you, dear colleague man_n_black. Let’s do it. I will be glad if you invite someone, then we will interact. You know that very well. I’m always in chat when I’m not responding, and I always respond. And I will never ignore a single message. That will be all, please. And we have the next AMA session scheduled for next Thursday, right?

Konstantin: Maybe. You and I have a lot to discuss about this. In any case, we will notify you about the announcement of the next ama-session. The announcement will be a few days in advance. I think that next Monday we will also announce when the ama session will be, because it will have to be coordinated. Thank you Anatoly for answering such a great question. I didn’t know how to ask it. But since you read it, great, I think the user will be happy, because he came up several times with this question, with different wording. I’m the one who edited this already. And that’s all for now, dear viewers. We have 1100 viewers today, the broadcasts with you, Anatoly, are the most popular. I can feel the power of the audience on Binance Live, including how many more views there will be. So we will be collecting likes, but we will be collecting questions. And, of course, interesting ones. All the questions, dear viewers, you can also on this same Google form, to write, we will duplicate it in the next announcement. The questions that were for this ama session, we also have them. We will prepare them, we will also structure them so that you can ask Anatoly and you will get your answer. And most importantly, we will always be in touch, both in the chat rooms and here live. So see you all later, Anatoly, thank you for your time. And see you at the new ama sessions.

Anatoly: Thank you all for being with us and until new pleasant meetings.

Konstantin: Goodbye. I’m finishing the broadcast.