Digiest. April

A lot of significant events happened during the month for the Decimal team and community. A joint AMA session with Binance was held, the number of subscribers to our Telegram channel is growing, MidjourneyFreeBot was successfully launched and refined, and a big contest was held together with BIT.TEAM. Now it’s time to sum it up.

Passed 5.000 subscribers
This month we are more than 5.000 subscribers, so we held a raffle with 5.000 DEL as a prize. In the future we are waiting for new records and new reasons for contests. On April 11th the Russian-language channel and the Decimal chat in Telegram were confirmed. We are excited about the growth of our community and we are waiting for new members, so don’t forget to share the news with your friends.

Joint AMA session and cooperation with Binance
On April 21, Binance held Decimal’s first AMA session. Read the text of the session in Russian here: https://decimalchain.com/blog/ru/ama-sessiya-decimal-x-binance/. CBDO Nikita Bogorad spoke on behalf of Decimal. He told about the main achievements of the team, the upcoming work and plans. For Decimal, the AMA session on Binance was an important milestone, because it is the largest cryptocurrency exchange with monthly trading volumes of hundreds of billions of dollars.

On May 14, 2023, Decimal’s DAO token will be launched, giving the holder member privileges. In the first two months, 200 million tokens will be issued. DDAO is a Decimal token backed by DEL and equal in value at launch. Then, each DDAO purchase will increase the value of the token within the network. Future plans include access to CEX and DEX markets, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinPaprika, and CoinMarketRate services.
BSCscan has verified DecimalChain indicators and now the DEL contract takes into account the value and capitalization of the market. These results of Decimal’s collaboration with Binance and the BSC blockchain team will give future advancement in rankings and attract new investors and participants to DecimalChain.

Our @midjourneyfreebot is gaining popularity

The @midjourneyfreebot telegram bot was recently launched and is gaining popularity. It’s based on the original artificial intelligence for generating unique Midjourney images. It has now gained over 9,000 subscribers. The official version of Midjourney is now paid, so we expect an increase in interest in our free project. The bot allows you to choose the language for text requests. You can use it to generate pictures not only for fun, but also to create your own NFTs. Thanks to your attentiveness and activity all the shortcomings were corrected and new solutions were adopted, which will be implemented soon.

DecimalChain blockchain development

DecimalChain has seen a quarter more transactions in the last week, and the reward per block has grown to 599 DEL. The total number of tokens in the DecimalChain network has surpassed 200 items. Decimal (DEL) is within the top 250 positions already on three of the most authoritative cryptocurrency statistics services in the world: CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinMarketRate.
Our developers finished work on new functionality of database, categories and projects, social network and blockchain wallets.

Big contest on BIT.TEAM and joint quizzes with VK

In April we held a contest with a big prize fund (200.000 DEL) on the BIT.TEAM marketplace together with INTERLUDE. According to participation rules you had to buy DEL units between March 27 and April 27 of this year. There was also our third VKontakte quiz with 1,000 DEL.
In the future we plan to issue other monthly digests about the work of the Decimal team. There will be actual and important news about DecimalChain, development of our Telegram-channel, NFT integration and others. Stay tuned for the latest news and developments.