Decimal Digest

Hello, community!

Friday evening, New Year’s Eve rush. We suggest you to relax and get acquainted with Decimal news. Here is Friday Digest for you!

Decimal Vacancies
Decimal is expanding its footprint and is considering applicants with English, Indian and Chinese language skills. All current vacancies of Decimal are posted on BNB Chain portal.

Tik-Tok Decimal (EN)
Andrei Bedene, a new member of our team, has started maintaining an English-language Tik-Tok account. We invite you to subscribe and support video content.

AirDrop MWXC x Decimal – ended
DecimalChain official account has ended AirDrop. Over 3,200 participants. A reach of over 110,000 views. The $1,000 prize pool has been distributed. Thank you all for participating!

How to create a multisig wallet
Multisig wallets are cryptocurrency wallets with multiple owners and signatures for access. They allow collaborative asset management and provide security. Use in business and personal life. Protect your crypto assets and create a secure agreement. Watch the new video.

There are 2 new coins created in the blockchain: EKATERINA (CRR 10%), SOLIKAMSK (CRR 50%). There are 321 tokens in total.