Decimal & Web 3.0. Integrating with thirdweb

Decimal & Web 3.0. Integrating with thirdweb

Regardless of the widespread use of smart contracts, not all users are able to write and run them themselves. Sometimes, a developer may not know the necessary programming language. That’s when special services and platforms designed as a builder for smart contracts come to the rescue, such as thirdweb.  That’s what we’ll talk about next, and the collaboration with Decimal!

What is thirdweb

Thirdweb is a tool for developers to post smart contracts. They also provide an SDK for all platforms and a dashboard for your apps and smart contracts. Users can run off-the-shelf smart contracts by category or create their own.

At the moment, the platform has more than 250k contracts launched and more than 70k Web3 developers signed up

Thirdweb and decimal 

The distinguishing feature of thirdweb, in contrast to other platforms, is the ability to use pre-built and pre-tested contracts. This saves considerable time and hence resources. In other words, pre-built smart contracts speed up the development process and give you more options for the creation and implementation of larger projects.

Through the thirdweb interface, smart contracts can be created on the DSC network. This greatly simplifies the interaction with contracts, allowing all users to try themselves as developers. At the same time, DSC users will have access to developed applications, which they can run themselves. 

Thirdweb provides several other tools for developers along with smart contracts:

  • SDK
  • Components for creating the application interface
  • Dashboard for all applications
  • Launch of a contract in one team
  • A different platform to share their experiences with other developers. 
  • All the features and tools in the thirdweb infrastructure are available to Decimal users at all levels, to work directly with the familiar blockchain.

Why is this important?

This kind of integration allows developers to combine their work and integrate their products across blockchain networks, thereby creating Web 3.0. Multitasking and a large list of supported networks and tokens are now more valued.

Most of all integrations strongly impact the project audience, attracting new users in both directions. For example, developers using thirdweb may be interested in extending their product to the Decimal audience, and the blockchain audience will be interested in new products (apps, contracts). Working together on a specific functionality makes it more widely applicable and provides enhanced Web3 tool. 

In conclusion

Decimal with the implementation of smart contracts over a short period of time has already attracted new developers from all over the world who actively use the innovation. The thirdweb has noticed the tendency and decided to include Decimal in the list of supported blockchains in order to expand the direction of Web3 together.