Decimal x Atomic Wallet integration

This week we will remember not only the AMA – session on Binance, which is scheduled for 12.05.23, but also other good news.

Another big integration with Decimal is on the way. This time we’re talking about Atomic Wallet. It is a convenient, fully anonymous and decentralized service providing cryptocurrency wallets for buying, stealing and exchanging tokens. You don’t need an account to sign up for the service, there’s no verification, no KYC procedures. No one can block your wallet or access your funds. Private keys are encrypted and remain exclusively on the customer’s device.

Atomic Wallet is trusted by 5,000,000 users worldwide. The coin pool includes over 300 items, including all major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, USDT and others. You can buy cryptocurrency with your bank card from anywhere in the world. The service provides cashback on transactions and credits them to your balance.

Atomic Wallet has officially announced support for Decimal stacking, which will be launched in the near future. DEL owners will be able to receive rewards for storing their coins. To store a token profitably, you need to install the Atomic Wallet app, start a wallet and deposit DEL into your balance. Then all you have to do is select a validator and automatically receive a profit.

Once the integration launches, we’ll share more details and features of Atomic Wallet. Stay tuned and you won’t miss anything.