New Decimal quests in Zealy


Decimal continues to explore the WEB3 space and in collaboration with, invites you to join.

Zealy is an interactive quest space for web3 communities, where users can interact with their favorite projects and earn nice gifts.

Complete quests and collect XP, which are the rewards you get for completing quests. Level up every day and become a leader to win additional prizes from Decimal:
● 6 people will share $150;
● 80 people will receive a commemorative NFT from Decimal’s summer collection.

Top the player chart and become Decimal’s most visible user!

Here are the easy steps to follow:
● Go to and complete a simple registration;
● Start with simple quests like subscribing to our social media platforms;
● Follow the instructions of each quest and collect Zealy XP;
● Upgrade your profile with Zealy XP and unlock new perks and quests;