Digest. May

May is coming to an end, so what did Decimal do in May?

Last month was marked by several significant events for blockchain. The long-awaited White Paper DAO was presented, and the first of five rounds of DAO control token issuance was successfully launched and completed within 3 days. Two major Decimal integrations with Atomic Wallet and Earn Network were announced. Following that, the official Decimal channel on Binance live appeared, which is easy to spot by the NFT-approved avatar. It has already held 2 AMA-sessions on the detailed analysis of White Paper DAO with Decimal CEOs Anatoly Berdnikov and Nikita Bogorad.

Presentation and release of White Paper DAO

The long-awaited White Paper DAO was released on May 12 and announced by BSCDaily on Twitter, and then presented by Nikita Bogorad at Decimal’s AMA session on Binance. Decentralized autonomous organizations are a key innovation in blockchain technology. They are organizations that function based on smart contracts and algorithms, allowing them to be autonomously managed and make decisions without the need for centralized management or mediation.

White Paper was discussed in more detail by Anatoly Berdnikov in a past AMA – session on the official Decimal channel on Binance Live.

Read the White Paper DAO here: http://decimalchain.com/wpdao_en.pdf
AMA session here: https://www.binance.com/ru/live/video?roomId=2137080

First round of DDAO control token

The first round of DDAO control token issue was successfully realized, which lasted for 3 days, which is quite an operational result.

The Decimal DAO control token is an algorithmic coin built in the Decimal system. The token has a reserve from the native Del token, as well as a CRR parameter that affects the price change when exchanging the DEL token for DDAO according to Decimal’s blockchain rules. A total of 5 rounds of 200 million token issuance are planned, and the DDAO to DEL back exchange via Decimal will not be possible until the end of the fifth round of issuance. Dates for the remaining 4 rounds will take place as the DAO roadmap is implemented.

Link to the DDAO network transaction here: https://explorer.decimalchain.com/transactions/956830CBD4913778053B663100C25A8CFF0B2E91E54E8BF1CCE13C08B5E433F4

Major integrations

Announced two Decimal integrations with Earn Network and Atomic Wallet.

The Earn team consists of 9 experts who have been developing the steaking business for 4 years. Earlier the team designed and developed the MyCointainer service. Afterwards, colleagues from Earn Network launched their decentralized service, which will integrate Decimal’s steaking capabilities. Earn network is a DeFi solution that allows to store, manage and mine PoS/DPoS coins based on BSC, ETH and now Decimal Smart Chain blockchains.

Also, a major integration with Atomic Wallet is coming. Atomic Wallet has officially announced support for Decimal stacking, which will launch soon. DEL owners will be able to receive rewards for storing their coins. To store your token profitably, you need to install the Atomic Wallet app, start a wallet, and deposit DEL into your balance. Atomic Wallet is trusted by 5,000,000 users worldwide. The coin pool includes more than 300 names, including all major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, USDT and others.

Decimal x Coinbase

Cryptocurrency Decimal (DEL) has been added to one of the oldest cryptocurrency platforms – Coinbase. Coinbase systematically passes all SEC regulator inspections, conducted under the strictest U.S. rules. Adding Decimal to a site with such a history and the strictest level of compliance with US regulations is an indication for us that the team has achieved one of its important goals – recognition among the global cryptocurrency community and major market players.

It’s all thanks to @midjourneyfreebot!

@midjourneyfreebot, gaining momentum and popularity among users, is already boasting over 21,000 subscribers. Thanks to this, the number of subscribers in Decimal’s Telegram channel and chats is increasing by leaps and bounds. The corresponding DEL amount equal to the number of subscribers in 2 draws has already been raffled off. This means that more DEL draws are guaranteed to be held in the future.

Sharks Game

The NFT game, created on the Decimal blockchain, is in closed testing. But in order for developers to improve and identify bugs and then fix them, they need support. They promise nice bonuses for active help in testing. Remember that each of you is a part of Decimal and such a contribution, in the form of help to new developers, benefits the general DEL.

We are sure that a hot summer is ahead of us, but no less hot news and innovations. Follow our official social networking sites, and we’ll tell and show you everything in no time!