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New Decimal quests in Zealy
Decimal continues to explore the WEB3 space and in collaboration with, invites you to join. Zealy is an interactive quest space for web3 communities where users can interact with their favorite projects and earn nice gifts.

Wiki Decimal
Decimal Wiki educational encyclopedia is preparing a contest for authors. So, check the registration and prepare useful material. trading contest 
The BitTeam exchange, where the DEL coin is traded, is holding a trading contest with a prize fund of 50 000 RUB. Hurry up to participate. Ends June 30, 23:59 (MSC) 2024. Everyone who trades on SPOT in trading pairs to RUB from 100 rubles will participate. More trades – higher rating.

2 new coins were created: MORLANG (CRR 90%) and BIGOSTAR (CRR 60%). Total tokens are 386. New wallets: +110. Total validators: 85.