Decimal Digest

 AMA session with Decimal CEO 
On June 11, there was a live session with Anatoly Berdnikov on Binance live. For the best questions will be paid out 1000 DEL each. As soon as the text of the broadcast is ready, we will publish the best questions.

 Wiki Decimal 
Decimal Wiki educational encyclopedia is preparing a contest for authors. So, check the registration and prepare useful material.

 Decimal Dapps: Transition to DAO
Decimal Dapps project will soon move to decentralized administration (DAO). All decisions will be made through community and team voting. A special GO DAO Vote service is being created for this purpose. Also, a white paper is being prepared.

 Audit of the TAXICOIN project 
Decimal DApps team has launched the audit of the virtual taxi park “TAXICOIN“. The products that will be evaluated are “Coins” and “NFT”. More details in the DDApps channel.

1 new coin was created: ZOTOVAVTO  (CRR 80%).  Total tokens 384. New wallets: +116. Total validators: 85.