Longread "Dark side of the moon" - the inner work

Longread “Dark side of the moon” – the inner work

Do projects and companies often talk about what goes on inside and how all the partnerships happen? Probably not, and indeed for some valid reasons. But if a partnership has already taken place, you, users, guests and just random people will be interested to read about what led to this result. So, we lift the veil and offer you a behind-the-scenes look at a blockchain company’s processes.

So, a little more than two years ago, blockchain Decimal was launched. It took about a year to prepare and develop the main network launch. Within just two or three months of the start, the Decimal team presented its project at a major forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining. You can look at how it turned out here. 2020 which is the year of the launch, can be counted as a preparation time when the first documents of project tokenomics were published, and roadmaps were created. After that the listing on exchanges began, some of them left and cooperation with them ended, others remained and partnerships continue to develop.

Decimal had and still has serious plans for blockchain development. Now, looking at the roadmap and updates that will be ready very soon, you can see that the project has established itself in the market and continues to grow rapidly. In the last six months alone, Decimal has started a close cooperation with CoinMarketCap, the largest aggregator and observer on the crypto market; DEL token has been listed on a very large number of exchanges and observers; cooperation with CoinGecko, a platform trusted by the most influential media and resources in crypto, has begun, and the list goes on. But also, you can read the article released for the blockchain’s second anniversary about the achievements in two years. You’ll understand everything!

It sounds fine and simple until you realise how much effort and resources have been put into it. For example, over the summer of 2022, more employees, professionals in their fields, have been hired to improve the quality of work, and productivity and enter new markets without looking back. Each month of the team’s work costs around $82,000, with some employees having been from other companies but agreeing to move to us. Such was the case with CBDO Decimal — Nikita Bogorad. He came to us from another company, also in the Defi sector, but more focused on GameFi. Thanks to Nikita we were able to set up communication with Ledger developers faster and more efficiently and in just a month we got a test version of the Decimalchain app. And not only is Ledger a product for experienced and knowledgeable crypto enthusiasts, but it also opens doors to new platforms, new audiences, and projects on the Decimal blockchain. As we mentioned earlier in an article, custom blockchain-based tokens can be integrated into Ledger and will require the project creator to simply submit their application for verification.

Some consider success a fluke, but it is essentially the result of the hard work of an entire team of top-notch professionals. The fate of the project as a whole depends on the team because if you hire a person who doesn’t understand the field, doesn’t like what he does and doesn’t understand why he does it, the result will be corresponding. Therefore, it is important to hire not only professionals but also good people who share your values. And we talk a lot about values because they do play a big role. The marketing people who write articles, write posts, come up with entertaining content, and interact directly with the company’s audience are producing encouraging results. Now, the CMC Community has an audience of more than 60,000 people, and the blog itself was created in the summer. But the history of cooperation the with platform began a year ago. Discussions and some agreements followed, and the Decimal team was one of the first to enter the new platform, get verified and get a logo. A listing followed this and over time Decimal was granted VIP account status under certain conditions. Our articles are read, liked, and reposted, which is the most telling result.

At the moment, we are in talks with other companies, exchanges and columnists. We will tell more about them in the next article. All the best!