Mycointainer added DEL
30.04.2022 • Просмотров:

Mycointainer added DEL

By Decimal

Mycointainer, one of the largest crypto wallets with the opportunity of staking in the markets of Europe and US, has integrated DecimalChaim in its ecosystem. This means that the base DEL token will now be available for storage, purchase, exchange and staking for all company users.

Mycointainer has also launched its own validator on the Decimal network and added the coin to the list of over 100 tokens with the average annual reward of 15%. Considering the data on generation of the assets represented in the wallet, we can be confident that DEL will take the highest rating position among the most profitable coins in Mycointainer.

Due to the opportunity to exchange all the tokens represented in the multi currency wallet, Mycointainer users will be able to easily exchange any crypto for DEL.

Besides, in Mycointainer wallet it is possible to buy any of the cryptos represented in the wallet for EUR and USD via bank cards and other popular payment systems. This would enable potential clients of partner wallets to purchase any asset for staking including DEL coin.