Security Audit Decimal x CertiK

Earlier we reported that we received a letter from Binance, after which a working group was formed and negotiations are going on. You may have thought that the process is not progressing and there are no results, in fact, before the first call, an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) was signed, which does not allow us to disclose information about the progress of these negotiations.

But under the NDA are not the obvious results, the most important steps that you see on the screens of your devices. Recently Decimal got its own Binance Live account where the company’s CEO Anatoly Berdnikov presented the main development of this year – Decimal DAO and answered your questions which you can still ask in the form. At the moment, the video has already gathered more than 7,000 views.

The next big step was a security audit from CertiK.

CertiK is the undisputed leader in blockchain security, sophisticated technical audits and contract analysis. 

As a part of our cooperation with Binance, CertiK audited Decimal and as a result the blockchain was assigned an AA security certificate with 87.01 points, which, based on a combination of factors, allows Decimal to take the 158th position among all blockchains in the world, in addition the corresponding badge on CoinMarketCap was received, you can read the audit itself and the observations found within it at 

CertiK rating is composed of the following parameters:

🔸Code Security: 90.16 – which is in the top 10% of blockchains

🔸Fundamental Health (“health” or stability): 80 points – which ranks in the top 5% of blockchains, as measured by uptime, number of validators, fines.

🔸Operational Resilience: 85.35 – Top 25% of blockchains, as measured by transaction count, throughput and processing speed.

🔸Community Trust: 75.39 – top 45% of indicators, unfortunately, the assessment is made on Twitter, and most of our audience does not have access there, so the assessment is understated, but we still have made significant progress in this matter last year and are confident that we will improve the result this year.

🔸Governance Strength: 89.89 – top 20% of blockchains, as measured by company’s LinkedIn, company’s paperwork.

🔸Market Stability* (Market Stability): 92.96 – top 5% of blockchains, assessed by market performance over project history, including rate, capitalization and other critical metrics

We would like to remind you that the fact that Decimal is in the top 5% of the safest blockchains in the world according to CertiK is primarily your merit! Without our users, we wouldn’t have had the motivation to develop the project, overcome difficulties and achieve new goals.

Thank you to the validators who maintain a high level of network stability. Thank you to the projects that showed our activity in the Binance network, which subsequently led to active cooperation.

Thanks to the users who use our project every day, helping us to find the right vector of development, so that we introduce the relevant and necessary technologies at the time when they are most needed.