Staking on Spacebot

Staking on Spacebot

Staking is an eco-friendly, simple and profitable alternative to mining. Also, the positive aspects of staking include a low entry threshold: with a phone and a small amount of money such as a cup of coffee, you can already start mining Decimal (DEL) by staking. Moreover, the great flexibility and the wide range of applications we will talk about in section #applications for staking of Decimal.

About Spacebot

Spacebot is a centralised wallet app for mobile devices. It can be used to store, deposit, send and stake coins.

Spacebot is a validator on the Decimal network. Its total stake is: 263,821,764 DEL and the commission is 15%. Taken slots are 540/1000 and delegators are 338. The Spacebot validator on the Decimalchain network was created on 7 August 2020. To now, the total active users with DEL in stake on the Spacebot platform is 150,277. 

Characteristics of Spacebot staking

The wallet supports 17 tokens and 9 blockchains, which include: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), USDT, Tron (TRX) and others. There are 9 tokens available for staking, of which 5 coins are mined. Among all coins, the wallet supports several custom Decimal-based tokens: BTT, SBT, and DSC. If you delegate these coins, the commission is paid in DEL.

Advantages of staking in the Spacebot

Users get quality service across the board using Spacebot for staking and mining cryptocurrencies: all wallets in one place, a large range of supported coins, 24/7 support, and a user-friendly interface.

What’s also important for the user’s comfort and benefit is the absence of transaction fees for delegate transactions. This kind of transaction is essentially the same as any other on the blockchain. So many services offer the user to pay a commission to the network for the delegation transaction themselves but Spacebot users do not pay this commission. Also, a “complex percentage” can be created.

“Complex percentage” of staking is the use of coins already received from staking for a certain period of time, that are automatically sent to your total stake, and you get even more coins as a result.

Obviously, for many users, the advantage of the wallet is centralisation. The company has a support team ready to answer any question you may have. Even if you lose your login details, it’s still possible to regain access to your assets. 

And speaking of assets, Spacebot supports a large number of coins for simple storage, staking and mining, as described in the beginning. So everyone will find tokens on demand. 

It’s up to you to choose the way and the tool to delegate and use cryptocurrencies. We recently wrote about MyCointainer, whose collaboration has lasted more than a year, and our next article will be about Decimal Wallet’s staking.

Stay tuned for more news and follow developments on social media. And may the percentage of rewards always be high!