Decimal Digest

Wiki Decimal
Decimal expands the functionality of the Wiki educational platform. We invite you to register  and leave information about your project  built on the Decimal blockchain.

Decimal CEO at DAO COD event 
Today, May 17, Anatoly Berdnikov speaks at the federal DAO COD event in Moscow. In addition, projects built on Decimal’s blockchain are also introducing their projects to DAO COD users.

Decimal feedback form
Decimal blockchain is actively developing and changing thanks to the support of its community. We enclose the Decimal blockchain feedback form to hear from you and support the best ideas.

New videos on Youtube  and TikTok 
Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter, believes that 1 Bitcoin could be worth 1 million dollars by 2030. Watch what he said…  And a mysterious case: Ronaldinho, one of the best soccer players in the world, was accused of crypto scam. What happened?

DDAPPS Audit of the Three Barons Project
Decimal DApps team has successfully audited the Three Barons project. The result assigned an average project trust score: 78.245, an overall rating of BBB and status: “verified team”. Details of the evaluation criteria and results can be found in the Project Book on the project page at

10 new coins created. Total tokens 376. New wallets: +123. Total validators: 84.