TRON announces support for Tether in the landmark year for the network

TRON announces support for Tether in the landmark year for the network

2020 will be a good year for cryptocurrency, and a very good year for TRON. While the entire industry has grown by leaps and bounds, the progress made in the ever-expanding tron ecosystem has been particularly impressive, giving even its skeptics pause.

Stablecoins, dApps and more

While there is still a lot of work to be done in selling the decentralized dream to the masses, in the crypto realm, TRON has won unflagging respect for its progress, despite a flurry of integrations, partnerships, and new products.

In terms of PR, the highlight of the year for Justin Sun was his lunch with Warren Buffett in January, which he called “a career-defining event.”

However, the greatest progress TRON has made this year has not been on camera, but on the web. The figures published by the decentralized network are impressive: 100,000 active users per day, and 1,400 dApps, the daily volume of transactions which now amounts to more than $ 12 million.

And yet, the most impressive achievement in terms of tron’s use cases was the emergence of Tether( USDT), $ 6.4 billion of which is now circulating online and can now be used to payments on Pornhub. As Ethereum’s fees have skyrocketed, TRON has provided a more suitable framework for routing dollars through the crypto economy, funding everything from stock trading to DeFi. Speaking of DeFi.

By the summer, Tron had announced decentralized funding, helped by the launch of JustSwap DEX for the TRC20 asset exchange. This led to the emergence of a number of farms that attract users through “free money” and the ability to increase profits by reinvesting the received tokens thanks to the low-fee environment of TRON.

Despite the launch of the SUN cryptocurrency, TRON’s foray wasn’t just limited to coins and meme tokens. The development of the Just platform for cryptocurrency collateral and the issuance of USDJ stablecoins provided the basis for the development of defi primitives on TRON, opening the way for lending, trading and profit opportunities.

Partnership and integration

Justin Sun likes the partnership announcement and had a lot to talk about in 2020. His tweet storm comparing BitTorrent to Bitcoin sparked a wave of conversations, including from YouTuber Crypto Zombie, who spread out thesis tweet after tweet. Sun’s description of BitTorrent as “the most groundbreaking technology in the history of data itself” may have been tinged with exaggeration, but he’s right: the network now has more than 100 million users and is connected to 1,000 TRON nodes after launch.

Somehow this year, TRON also found time to acquire the steemit microblogging network and partner with Samsung to add its dApps to the smartphone giant’s app store. There were also partnerships with Waves to provide inter-network connectivity, and Band to get decentralized price oracles. At the end of the year, TRON signed a deal with Huawei to add BitTorrent apps to its app store.

Overall, it’s been a fruitful year for TRON, and we haven’t even touched on the introduction of WBTC thanks to BitGo, or the upcoming launch of TUSD. As 2021 gets underway, a large number of partnerships, integrations, use cases and headlines are expected for the TRON network, led by the personal advertising machine that is Justin Sun.