Weekly Digest of Decimal Blockchain News

Hello, community!

It’s Friday and you’re in for a treat – a digest of the week’s outgoing news!

AMA session with Decimal CEO
On Thursday, 8th of February on Binance live we had the first live session this year with the CEO of the company – Anatoly Berdnikov. The chosen topic: answers to users’ questions, which we receive via Google form and live. We will prepare the transcription for you in text format, translate into English and publish a separate post.

Transaction Service launch
Decimal Blockchain launches Transaction Service, an EVM network transaction collection service for Explorer. This improves performance, scalability and provides detailed transaction information.

New Youtube videos
China is planning to launch a Bitcoin ETF. Doom, the famous game from the 90s, was installed inside Dogecoin Ordinals and now you can play directly from the blockchain. And an important question: Have you seen our Roadmap for 2024? We made a video explaining our next steps and goals for this year. Lots of news is coming, stay tuned!

The Decimal DApps team is launching an audit of BYACADEMY products. Products from the categories “Training”, “Validators” and “Community” will be evaluated. More details on the ddapps.io website and in the project’s Telegram channel.

Created 2 new coins: COMMISSION (CRR 100%) и ARISTARH (CRR 11%). Total tokens 328. validators 83. New wallets with positive balance: +208.