What is the crypto community so eager for?

What is the crypto community so eager for?

In an era when 5 billion people around the world use the Internet as naturally as electricity, it is obvious that we also need money from the Internet – cryptocurrencies. We need the currency of the Internet, we need the cryptocurrency to become more convenient for purchases and other use cases, other than speculating on its price. And we’ll get it. But the question arises: in the form of what? Most likely in the form of a CBDC issued by the state currency, which is not intended to expand our capabilities, but only the capabilities of the authorities.

The world needs cryptocurrency

Not a day goes by without reading the news about the progress made in this direction. But against this background, we see how institutional companies and banks spend billions of dollars buying Bitcoin, accept crypto payments and keep them on their balance sheet.

Here it is necessary to emphasize the fact that all these companies have bought Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, including Tesla, do not sell them. If you ask why, the answer lies on the surface: these are the real hodlers. When will they sell them? Probably never. As long as these companies can rely on earnings in fiat currencies, there is no point in spending them.

Many in the crypto community want to believe that at some point, cryptocurrency will become money on the Internet, and that CBDCs will simply become aborted and useless bank funds. All that humanity needs to do for this is to fully accept cryptocurrency. There is not much power in the world to prevent 7 billion people from trading goods and receiving money in a currency that gives them the opportunity to become financially free.

The reason such companies hold cryptocurrency instead of instantly dumping it after receiving it as payments is because they see value in such new forms of money. They see their inner value and the future image of the world where cryptos would be widely spread ans there`d be no use in holding the money issued by central banks.

As soon as we can separate from the fiat pair of cryptocurrencies and start working on their implementation as money, we will no longer need to call them money, but simply tokens, since everyone will have access to them and to many tokenization tools.

Humanity should not live in poverty, stress, fear and constant threat. We have too many resources and technological advances to keep anyone from moving forward.

The world that opens up through cryptocurrency

Look at where we are now with the development of blockchain technology, with inter-network transactions, NFT, content monetization, DeFi, etc.

At some point, we won’t have to go in and out of cryptocurrency using fiat, as fiat will no longer have such a global value. To reach this level, we need to look more at cryptocurrency as tokens, a medium of exchange, rewards, and the new currency of the Internet. Fiat pairs should become obsolete, and at some point dollar valuations will have to be ignored. And we are not talking about a complete rejection of fiat funds. We are talking about an alternative.

This is the mass adoption and financial freedom that many people dream of. These many are eager to earn cryptocurrency and spend it, in a word, managing blockchains, smart contracts and all that we have. The more companies accept cryptocurrency as payments, the more confident the world becomes in this space. It is hoped that one day we will see the first company that will also accept cryptocurrency as payment somewhere in North Korea.