Decimal main news

New API for Decimal queries 
Decimal’s blockchain is moving to a microservice architecture. A new microservice for award data has already been launched. It is required to migrate to the new API by 04/22/2024. This is an important step to improve efficiency and reliability. Details in the publication.

New videos on Youtube  and TikTok
This week the Bitcoin Halving happend, so we made a video to explain  what it is. The new Bitcoin Runes protocol will also be launched. And for fun, watch 5 weird ways to mine Bitcoin

BitTeam has launched RUB withdrawal 
BitTeam has launched RUB withdrawal, enabling RUB transactions without exchange. The payment gateway is already processing user requests. USDT/RUB and DEL/RUB pairs are available. Until April 30, the commission for replenishment in RUB is 2.5%.

TMT token
On April 14, a three-letter token TMT was created on the Decimal blockchain. DDAPPS channel launched AirDrop until April 23. Expect the project tokenomics to invite the owner to an AMA session on Binance Live.

13 new coins created: TMT  (CRR 10%), LOTTERY56  (CRR 10%), LOTTERY56   (CRR 10%), LOTTERY54 (CRR 10%),  LOTTERY53  (CRR 10%), LOTTERY52  (CRR 10%), LOTTERY51  (CRR 10%), GOOGLECOM (CRR 10%), COCACOLA (CRR 10%), MARMALADE  (CRR 10%), HELLOBRO  (CRR 10%), LOTTERY50 (CRR 10%), PEPECOIN  (CRR 70%).  There are 361 tokens in total.