Big brothers is whatching you

Big brothers is whatching you

This post was supposed to be published on Friday. And while we were writing the instructions for this post the initiative group has heard about our intentions and had already started taking action. So far 103 projects have already fulfilled the first step.

As we mentioned, we’ve been watched by “big brother” for the whole year. One more joint achievement is the release of the third Decimalchain-based token DCLXXXIX onto the BSC network. We were noticed, we get a number of valuable bonuses and privileges that we’ll observe later, as always, after the job is done.

Congratulations to the DCLXXXIX coin’s owner, who promised to tell us more about his project, after which we will write a specific article. Here are the links for now: 

Token in Decimal network

Contract in BSC

And finally, the most essential information.

Please, pay attention, the following could be crucial in developing the Decimal blockchain.

The Decimal team asks all tokens’ owners:

  1. Perform a crosschain swap transaction of your own token according to the instruction, thus a contract will be generated on the BSC network.
  2. Prepare a list: project name, description of your project, website, email on your domain name, and social networks (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Medium). If any or all of this list is missing, that’s ok, do steps 1 and 3.
  3. Send the results of steps 1 and 2 to our Marketing Head via Telegram:
  4. Create an account at and add a description to your contract address as instructed, adding links from step 2

Since 90% of coin owners have already fulfilled the first and most important point — the list of our contracts is already sent to Binance auditors. According the test results of the 2d and 3d steps best projects will get support from Decimal (listings, Pancake, exposure on CoinMarketCap). If any of the projects will interest Binance it is possible to get grants and privileges from the Binance Smart Chain team.

Moreover, we announce the start CoinMarketCap withdrawal coins campaign, that we’ll detail in another publication.