Decimal Weekly Digest

Hello, community!

Here we are, the first working week has passed. Today is Friday, which means there are 2 weekends ahead. We’ve prepared a Friday digest of the week’s outgoing news for you!

Blockchain metrics for 2023
This week we have prepared an analysis of Decimal’s blockchain metrics for 2023 to look back and see – how the year went in numbers.

Decimal Security Rules
As the blockchain becomes more recognisable and subscribers increase, so do the attempts by fraudsters to get hold of your data. In Decimal chats, you often see attempts from spam accounts to lead you into fraudulent schemes. On such an occasion, it wouldn’t be out of place to remind you how to protect yourself.

Decimal live streams
In 2023, Decimal got its own live streaming platform from Binance. We’ve prepared a selection of live streams for you so you don’t miss out on the information that matters to you.

There is a new validator on the blockchain: SPACE_Maia (1% commission). Total validators: 82 (53 online, 29 offline). Total tokens: 324.