Decimal Weekly Digest

Hello, community!

We are pleased to present the first digest of the new year 2024. We break down for you all the most significant events of the past week. We offer you 5 minutes to relax and familiarize yourself with the outgoing Decimal news. Here’s Friday Digest for you!

Decimal Digest for December
As you know, we collect the news for the month and present it to keep you up to date with the latest news. This article is prepared for you. Enjoy reading it.

Significant Decimal Events for 2023
The new year 2024 is upon us and it’s time to summarize the achievements for 2023. Here’s an article that summarizes the significant blockchain events of the past year. Bookmark the resources you haven’t used yet.

ITCOIN Audit from Decimal DApps
DDApps team conducted the second audit. The project that received its project book is “School of Development”, which has an ITCOIN coin created in the Decimal blockchain and we held an AMA session with the owners of the company. You can read the results at the link.

1 new coin has been created on the blockchain: PUBLICBON (CRR 100%). There are 324 tokens in total.