Decimal Weekly News Digest

Hello, community!

The first day of spring, which many people have been looking forward to. And it’s Friday and that means what’s in store for you – a digest of the week’s outgoing news!

Vote for the development of Decimal
On March 1, the vote to adopt the described changes to the CEO Decimal initiative was launched. Voting will last until March 15, 2024 inclusive. In order to cast your vote – send any number of DEL coins to the provided address and indicate YES or NO in the transaction comment. We encourage all members of our community to actively participate in the voting. Your opinion is important for us and will determine the future of the project.

Reward Service Update
The Decimal blockchain has an important update to the Reward Service. The accuracy of rewards calculation has been improved and their display is more informative. This update fits into our strategy of moving to a microservice architecture.

Added CandyGuard anti-spam bot
A telegram bot from MitCandy team has been added to Decimal chats, which allows each user to participate in deleting spam messages by voting. A test period has been announced.

Decimal Wiki and documentation update
Updated the design, fixed bugs and added new articles to the Decimal Wiki educational platform and Decimal docs. For those who want to understand the Decimal blockchain, this is a must-read.

DDApps Team News
The Avatars project audit was successfully completed this week. It is already possible to familiarize with the Project Book. Based on the project data provided as part of the evaluation procedure, Avatars receives an average project confidence score of 69.27, an overall rating of BBB and status: “verified team”

3 new coins have been created: EVOLT (CRR 71%), ACHILLES (CRR 69%) и FREELOAN (CRR 70%). Total tokens 331. Validators 83. New wallets with positive balance: +159.