Decimal Weekly News Digest

Hello, community! The first day of spring, which many people have been looking forward to. And it’s Friday and that means what’s in store for you – a digest of the week’s outgoing news! ● Vote for the development of Decimal On March 1, the vote to adopt the described changes to the CEO Decimal … Read more

Optimization of rewards, Backend updates

Hello, community! We continue our journey along the Decimal blockchain Roadmap and are excited to share news about the update to Reward Service. This update aligns with our strategy of transitioning to a microservices architecture, which we’ve previously mentioned in our posts. The goal is to improve the reward calculation process and provide users with … Read more

Decimal API Update

Hello, community! Yesterday we published a large-scale article with plans for 2024, and today we will share the first results on the way to our goals. Throughout the life of the Decimal blockchain, a separate set of software has been responsible for receiving, processing, storing and transmitting data from the network. As the network has … Read more