Seed-phrase education

Seed-phrase, also known as backup, recovery phrase, mnemonic phrase or secret words, is a key element in protecting your cryptocurrency assets. It is a set of 12 or 24 words used to generate private keys that allow you to dispose of your coins. The concept of a Seed-phrase A Seed-phrase is not as simple as … Read more

Comparative Decimal blockchain analytics for the period 29.04-05.05 and 22.04-28.04:

● For the period of 7 days: + 9,376 transactions; Total transactions: 2 361 736. ● Total validators: 84. 43 online, 41 offline. ● Number of blocks added are: +107 189; Total blocks: 20,496,087. ● Reward per block: 1,149 DEL; ● Issue in 7 days: + 105,621,011 DEL. Indicator: +1.3%. Total emission: 8,556,435,298 DEL; ● … Read more

Voting is complete

Voting on the initiative submitted by CEO Decimal is finished. Since 10:00 MSK 15.03.24 all transactions with your votes are not counted. We will start counting the votes. Expect the results today and thank you for your involvement in the Decimal blockchain development process. 📌 You can also count the votes yourself by looking up … Read more