Seed-phrase education

Seed-phrase, also known as backup, recovery phrase, mnemonic phrase or secret words, is a key element in protecting your cryptocurrency assets. It is a set of 12 or 24 words used to generate private keys that allow you to dispose of your coins. The concept of a Seed-phrase A Seed-phrase is not as simple as … Read more

Decimal Digest

DecimalChain account at We invite blockchain users to subscribe to our DecimalChain account at, where you can be active and flag tweets of interest. Decimal Wiki Decimal is expanding the functionality of its educational platform by adding new articles. Decimal Encyclopedia helps users understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Sign up and contribute! Decimal Security … Read more

Decimal Weekly News Digest

DEL trading volume accounting on CoinMarketCap On exchange, DEL coin trading has been moved from P2P market to SPOT. Now users can trade DEL/RUB in the SPOT terminal. This will allow to take into account the trading volumes of DEL coin on CoinMarketCap. Read more in the CEO Decimal channel. DUSD listing on … Read more