Digest Decimal. November.

The first day of winter is already today, which means that the long-awaited and favourite holiday is just around the corner. And we have a digest of November, let’s remember the significant events in the life of Decimal and its community.

Seed-phrase from Mystery wallet
Mystery token was created, which kept a secret. For 24 days, we published stories with riddles, which you successfully solved and opened 1 NFT containing the word from the seed-phrase to open the prize wallet! Thanks to your support and votes, we were able to hold such a month long global draw. We congratulate the winner and thank all participants, more interesting and exciting draws are waiting for you!

Decimal x Gempad integration
The upcoming Decimal x Gempad integration has been announced, opening up the possibility for Decimal projects with just an idea to attract: users, funding and other resources for a successful launch. Due to the active growth of the community, the GemPad team proposed to integrate Decimal into the list of supported blockchains, among them BSC, ETH, ARBI, MATIC.
GemPad is a decentralised Launchpad with 21 contracts, launched in 2021 provides its users with the ability to access project token pre-sale and NFT. With GemPad, 432 successful presales have been conducted so far on 16 represented blockchains. The number of users of the platform reaches 150 thousand per month, which will allow Decimal-based projects to attract users not only within the community, but also outside it.

AMA Sessions
We held several AMA-sessions with successful and interesting, and at the same time exciting, projects. The guests of Decimal on Binance Live were Robin Rocket Union, Lakshmi and NFT-project #3067. The idea founders shared stories of creation and opportunities of their projects on Decimal’s blockchain, as well as their present and future goals. We wish you active growth and will be waiting for new AMA-sessions, but with new results!
We have not forgotten about the most active viewers who wrote interesting questions and won DEL prizes at each of the broadcasts. Thank you for your support and active participation in Decimal life. We are sure that you still have a lot of questions about the projects, so we are waiting for you at the next AMA-sessions!

Decimal x Dappbay Report

In a new initiative from MVB Binance, BNBchain, Binance Labs, under ColLabs, a report containing the results of the Decimal and BNB network development has been executed.
Decimal’s mainnet launch date is 1 September 2020;

  • 2021: 50,000 active addresses, top 4000 CoinMarketCap ranking, 50 algorithmic tokens, 12 validators;
  • 2022: 130,000 active addresses, top 1000 CoinMarketCap ranking 120 algorithmic tokens, 27 validators;
  • 2023 189,000 active addresses, top 250 CoinMarketCap ranking, 313 algorithmic tokens, 52 validators.

As you can see from the statistics between 2021 and 2022 there was a multiple increase in the number of active addresses on the core network – this is due to the fact that in 2021 the Decimal and BNBchain integration module was implemented using CrossChain bridge:

  • 2021: <1000 swaps;
  • 2022: ~2500 swaps;
  • 2023: ~4000 swaps.

Out of 261 algorithmic tokens, 121 contracts in the BSC network were created using CrossChain, and the number of holders in the BSC network increased 20 times during this period: from 200 to 4,363, which, as part of MVB Binance’s co-operation, enabled the following benefits:

  • refund of up to 50% of commission expenses in the BSC network;
  • a channel on Binance Live;
  • Binance Feed profile;
  • access to job board posting;
  • CertiK audit;
  • verification of contract and metrics.

Thanks to Binance Labs, MVB Binance and BNBchain, the Decimal blockchain has seen a 2.5x increase in the number of active addresses on the main network and a x20x increase in the number of holders on the BNBchain network, helping to push the figure in the CoinMarketCap international ranking from 4,000 to the 250th position.

Additions to Decimal’s ranks
Andrey Bedene, a Brazilian youtuber who has been running a channel about pop culture, film and gaming since 2012 with more than 1 million viewers, has joined the Decimal team. Now digests, tutorials and other sections for English-speaking audience will be not only in text, but also in video format, and Andrew will help to make your acquaintance with the world of Decimal blockchain comfortable.

With Andrei’s participation the October Digest has already been published, he told about the main events of October in Decimal. Subscribe to Decimal’s official YouTube channel so you don’t miss future videos and stay up to date with all the news!

Decimal WIki
Completed the Decimal Wiki with several interesting and useful articles:

  • Token;
  • “Hot” and “cold” wallets;
  • Blockchain Bridge;
  • Decimal Stacking;

The educational resource regularly publishes new articles that touch on the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Special attention is, of course, given to the Decimal blockchain to give a full understanding and leave no questions related to the use of the blockchain. More than 100 articles have already been published!

Find the answers for yourself on Decimal’s Wikipedia page, and let’s keep evolving together!

Discord Decimal
We have reached 4.000 subscribers on the Discord server Decimal. Moderators are working daily on improving the server to make communication for the audience even more interesting and fun, as well as its integration into the Decimal community.

Separate channel for each topic. We are waiting for your questions in the channels, because there you will get answers to each of them. We also have a channel for simple and free communication (“flud”).

Moderators and part of the audience on Discord speak English. Many crypto-enthusiasts use Discord, so we invite you to improve your communication skills, learn languages, exchange experience and opinions, and develop with us!

Join, communicate, ask questions, participate in contests and events!

Ending support for BUSD
The Binance exchange has officially informed its users that it will stop supporting its BUSD stablecoin in 2024. All BUSD balances on cross-margin wallets of portfolio margin accounts will be automatically converted to USDT on 11.12.2023 from 12:00 (MSC).

So if you have this asset – convert it soon to any other cryptocurrency.

But we will also, from 1 December 2023, the support of this pool will be disabled. BUSD was in the liquidity pool on pancakeswap.finance in the DEL/BUSD trading pair.

Earlier we asked all users to withdraw liquidity from this trading pair for further transfer to the DEL/USDT pool.

Decimal Tutorials
Populated Decimal’s YouTube channel with new useful tutorials. In November, the playlist was updated with instructions for Decimal’s liquid NFTs with container, as well as instructions for the Observer.

For convenience, we post the tutorials in different formats:

Decimal makes sure that you don’t have any questions when working with blockchain and are comfortable using all the features, but we are always ready to help and answer your questions in telegram chats, and any other platforms.
We will continue to delight you with great news and interesting assets, take part in Decimal’s life on all official social media platforms. We wish you a cosy and snowy winter, a festive mood and a pleasant New Year’s rush!