Decimal blockchain integrations for 2023

Decimal blockchain integrations for 2023

During 2023, Decimal’s blockchain actively integrated with several popular platforms and services, expanding its functionality and attracting new users.

Keplr is a decentralized token storage wallet
The Decimal team has successfully completed a test integration with the Keplr wallet. Keplr represents the first and leading non-custodial wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem that supports network interoperability via IBC. The integration with Keplr is the first step in integrating Decimal with the IBC infrastructure.

Thirdweb is a platform for developing smart contracts
Decimal has also successfully started interfacing with Thirdweb, a platform that provides developers with tools to build and manage smart contracts. Thirdweb enables the use of pre-built and tested contracts, which significantly speeds up the development process and expands the possibilities for creating and implementing projects. Using the Thirdweb interface, users can create and interact with smart contracts on the DSC network.

Earn Network – DeFi solution for stealth mining
Decimal has appeared on Earn Network – DeFi solution that allows you to store, manage and mine PoS/DPoS coins, including Decimal Smart Chain. The Earn Network team developed the MyCointainer service, which is popular among users from Europe and CIS countries. With the integration of Decimal into Earn Network, users get the ability to steak and mine Decimal token.

Coinbase – Decimal steaking on the cryptocurrency platform
Decimal has been added to steaking on the popular cryptocurrency marketplace Coinbase. This means that users can steak their Decimal tokens and receive rewards on the platform with a high level of compliance with US regulations.

Tangem – hardware crypto wallet integration.
Decimal comes from Tangem, which is a leading manufacturer of physical crypto wallet cards. With Tangem cards, users can securely store and manage their Del coins. Binance Smart Chain and Decimal Smart Chain networks have been added to the Tangem app, using which – you can manage your DEL tokens on both networks. For anyone looking to purchase Tangem – use promo code DECIMAL for an additional discount.

GemPad – integration with token distribution platform
Decimal announced a partnership with GemPad platform, which is a decentralized Launchpad launching in 2021 and provides its users with the ability to access project token presale and NFT. GemPad currently has 432 successful presales on 16 blockchains. The number of users on the platform reaches 150 thousand per month, which will allow Decimal-based projects to attract users not only within the community, but also outside it. GemPad has 21 contracts responsible for tokensale rounds, presale and other activities related to early access to decentralized assets. This means that Decimal projects will be able to attract users, funding and other resources for a successful launch.

Alchemy – integration with blockchain application development platform
Decimal has partnered with Alchemy, a platform that provides developers with the infrastructure to build and deploy blockchain applications. Alchemy is the leading WEB3 tool for developers, used by millions of users in 197 countries. The Alchemy team has extensive experience in scalable infrastructure, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Decimal continues to actively develop and look for new opportunities to integrate with popular platforms and services to provide its users with the best blockchain experience. 2023 has been a busy year for Decimal. We look forward to new achievements in 2024!