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Decimal is a blockchain that allows the creation and integration of decentralized applications, contracts, and tokens (including NFT) based on one of the most popular IBC standards.

Applications, contracts, and tokens created on Decimal are automatically supported by the IBC infrastructure, and therefore interact with networks such as Cosmos, BSC, Thorchain, Osmosis, Secret. DEL coin transfers cross borders within 6 seconds and cannot be canceled by the sender.

Decimal is a "constructor" of cryptocurrencies. Any entrepreneur, from novice blogger to business giant, can issue their own currency and manage it without specialized technical skills. → Read more...

Decimal blockchain validators: CANDY | CRYGAME | DecimalSchool | ELAMBO_UA | Investerium | LEGION | MONKEY CLUB PHUKET | PRIDE | PRIDE Games | Plexus | RRU.ONE | Winwin | X-profit  ● Full list | How to become a DecimalChain validator | Support and grants

Decimal network cryptocurrencies: DEL | DAR | DDAO | BIGBRO | CRYGBOOST | DCSCHOOL | LEGION DOCS | LEGION GAME | MONKEY CLUB | MUSLYMCOIN | POINTPSY | PRIMERY | RRUNION | ZARUBA  ● All Decimal blockchain coins | How to issue your own coin in DecimalChain

Applications and bots: Decimal Calculator | Decimal Wallet | Decimal Projects | Decimal Crabs | Decimal Monkeys | Decimal Whales | MintCandybot

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DecimalChain Console:

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Interesting video
What is DecimalChain and the DEL token?
Image of the month
The logo of PRIDE Games, a validator in the DecimalChain network. The symbol represents interconnected blockchain nodes that validate blocks with transactions.
The logo is designed in a cyber style, which corresponds to the validator's area of activity.
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